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What are the requirements for playing soccer?


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you need: soccer shoes, shin guards, socks, a jersey, and a ball

Hey, a few tips; You should probably be fit and be able to run for a long period of time. Make sure your enthusiastic in helping out team mates and not being all sour to the other team. Remember, its just a game! Even if you can't run fast, at least you're contributing to helping your team. At least your trying, right?


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Yes, you must where shin pads, stockings over them and studded shoes when playing soccer. Also, most referees expect to see respect in which the players tuck in their shirt.

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you can get better at playing soccer by practicing.

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None at all, no educational requirements.

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Some of the requirements for travel soccer tryouts are being active, understanding the concepts of soccer, persistence, skills, and most importantly NOT TO GIVE UP!

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The requirements for soccer are long socks, chin guards, cleats, and if the chin guards feel uncomfortable, wear chin guard socks.

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