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East, West, Central

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Q: What are the three divisions of the American and National Leagues?
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What are the divisions in major league baseball?

Major league baseball consists of six divisions, three in both the American and National leagues.A.L. (East, Central and West)N.L. (East, Central and West)

How many teams are in the National League?

There are 16 teams in the National League and 14 in the American League. Both leagues are divided into three divisions. The National League has five teams each in the East and West Divisions and six teams in the Central Division. The American League has five teams each in the East and Central Divisions and four teams in the West Division. It seems to make more sense to move one of the National League team, probably Milwaukee that was in the American League, back to the AL and even up the leagues with 15 teams in each league and five teams in each division.

List three major divisions of American psychological association?

list three major divisions of American psychological association?

When did the national league split into 3 divisions?

The first season of three divisions was 1995.

Is Sega American?

Sega is a Japanese company, and has three international divisions in America, Australia, and the UK.

How many grand divisions are there in Tennessee?

There are three "Grand Divisions" in Tennessee. The Tennessee constitution legally recognizes the Grand Divisions. The three prominent stars on the Tennessee flag represent the three Grand Divisions in Tennessee.

What are the three main divisions in Christianity?

Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant are the three main divisions of Christianity.

How many infantry divisions in World War 1?

The US sent 43 infantry divisions to France in WWI, and 21 of them saw enough action to sustain one thousand men or more killed in action. Seven became "Depot Divisions" and worked in the Service of Supply, and four were broken up and their personnel used as replacements for other divisions.The WWI US Infantry Divisions were huge, around 27,000 men in four large regiments. This was the equivalent to two or three divisions of all other combatant nations.There were three types of US Infantry divisions. Low numbers, 1 to 9, were supposedly "regular army", but all had a large number of wartime volunteers and draftees. Numbers 26-50 were National Guard divisions from the states, called into active service ("Federalized"). There were more National Guard Divisions sent to France than any other type. Numbers 76-93 were so-called "National Army" divisions, intended to be made up of draftees, grouped according to state of origin like the National Guard Divisions. In actual fact all three types of divisions had a mixture of prewar regulars, draftees and volunteers.

What is an example sentence with the word leagues?

One upon a time, there were three baseball leagues.

What are the three divisions among the Jewish faith?

There are many more than three divisions and sub-divisions in the Jewish Faith, but the three main ones in Australia are Progressive/Reform, Conserative and Orthodox.

What professional sporting leagues have licensed fitted hats?

Professional sporting leagues that have licensed fitted hats include, Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball League (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), and the National Football League (NFL). If you want to include auto racing into "professional sporting leagues" then you could also add all three major NASCAR series, IZOD Indy Car series, and Formula 1.

Dodge pitcher Sandy Koufax won many Cy Young awards?

Koufax won three Cy Young Awards, 1963, 1965 and 1966. Starting in 1956 when the Cy Young Award was created, only one award was presented for the entire Major Leagues. After 1966, both the American and National Leagues presented Cy Young Awards.

How much is three leagues in miles?

3 leagues (statute) = 7.8 nautical miles. (international)

What player has played in the most different major leagues in baseball?

Since 1915, only two "major" leagues have been in existence; and literally hundreds (if not thousands) of players have been on teams in both leagues. During the seasons of 1914 and 1915, the Federal League operated; and baseball history officially recognizes this as a "major" league. Scores of players -- including six future Hall of Famers -- played in this league as well as either the AL and the NL; so most likely dozens have played in three major leagues. Likewise, a few entire TEAMS jumped from the Player's Association (1890) to the American Association, and then to the National League. Thus, some players went through three leagues in just over three years! I doubt anyone has played in four leagues that are presently and unambiguously considered "major."

What year was the wildcard first used in the playoffs?

The two leagues in MLB went from two divisions to three divisions in 1994. That would have been the first year of the wildcard but that was the year the players went on strike and the playoffs and World Series were cancelled. The first year the wildcard was part of MLB's playoffs was 1995.

What are three divisions of Tennessee?

They are referred to as grand divisions. They are west, middle and east.

What bones form the three main divisions of the pelvis?

The the ilium, the ischium and the pubis form the three main divisions of the pelvis.

How many World Series' has Jim Leyland been to?

He led the Florida Marlins to a World Series championship in 1997, and previously won three straight division titles (1990, 1991, and 1992) with the Pittsburgh Pirates. With the Tigers' victory in the 2006 American League Championship Series, Leyland became the seventh manager in history to win pennants in both the National and American Leagues. He is a three-time Manager of the Year Award winner, twice in the National League (1990 and 1992), and once in the American League in 2006.

What are the three branches of the American national government?

Legislative, Executive, Judaical

What are the three grand divisions?

The three grand divisions are west, middle and east Tennessee. They're in order from left to right on your map.

What are the divisions of military?

There are three main divisions of military in the United States. The divisions are US Army, Air Force and the US Navy.

What are the two divisions of a brain?

There are three major divisions of the brain.* Forebrain * Midbrain * HindbrainHemispheres

What are the 3 major divisions of Christianity?

Catholic. Orthodox and Protestant are the three major divisions of Christianity.

What is British soccer?

it is like American soccer im not really sure if that's the answer u were looking for but im new to this. i live in the UK and u have several divisions or leagues. the top is the premier league. then the championship. then league one. league two and league three. the rules are exactly the same as American soccer (as far as i know). well by American soccer i mean what LA Galaxy play. sorry but this is the only American team i know. (David Beckham) i hope that helps regards tommasterful

What are the rules to ice hockey?

The majority of ice hockey around the world is played under the umbrella of three organizations, Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, and the International Ice Hockey Federation, each with their own set of rules. The National Hockey League has its own rulebook, from which the rulebooks of most North American professional leagues are derived. United States high school leagues use the National Federation of State High School Associations rulebook, and varsity college hockey is governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association's rules.