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What are the three main types of passes in basketball?

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The chest pass is the most common pass in the NBA, used for most passes. This involves you pushing the ball with two hands from your chest outwards, thrusting the ball towards a teammate. Used all of the time, the chest pass is the most efficient and reliable way to pass.

The bounce pass is the second most common pass in the NBA. This involves a pass, with one hand or two, bounced to a teammate off of the ground. Any way you want to pass, as long as the ball hits the ground first, is considered a bounce pass.

The overhead pass is the third most common pass in the NBA, used sparingly. These are passes that require two hands on the ball. The ball is brought behind your head and launched forward, back over your head to a teammate. Often used for fast breaks to throw to a teammate on the other side of the court, overhead passes are passes that are more for power rather and quickness rather than accuracy.

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no the main passes in Basketball are, the javelin pass, chest pass, and long pass, these are the three main passes in basketbal with the long and javelin pass being similar in that they are used to get the ball up court for someone to drive into the key.

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