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POSH!! i went to one and everyone is up themselves so you should wear a nice formal dress or black stylish pants and a pretty top, but who cares wat you look like becasue watching the Ballet is soo much fun!

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Did Jackie Kennedy attend Robert Kennedy's funeral?

Yes, she did attend his funeral.

How can you learn how to dance ballet?

Find a good quality ballet school in your area, and attend classes if not go to other place

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If you were to attend a New York Ballet performance you would be experiencing?

High Culture

What school did Cheryl Tweedy attend?

Cheryl Cole went to a ballet school !

Did Jean Kennedy Smith attend Eunice Kennedy Shriver's funeral?

Jean did not attend Eunice's burial on August 14, 2009. She instead choose to stay with her brother who was ill.

Where should one go to attend a ballet performance in Paris?

For some of the best ballet, try the Paris Opera Ballet (Ballet de l'Opera de Paris). It represents some of the finest of the art in the city. If they aren't performing, there are several other great ballet companies that can be found in Paris.

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Did Maria tallchief go to college?

No she did not. Maria didnt attend college because she joined ballet classes.

How do you get a scholarship in ballet if your only in grade 4?

Keep practicing!! take many classes of ballet until you advance to pointe. Once you are older you will be able to attend conventions and competitions where you will be recognized.

What famous university did john f Kennedy attend at?

JFK went to Harvard.

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