What ball size is used to play netball with?


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Hi a Size 4 ball is used for primary school levels , then all Netball is played with a size 5 ball.

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a size 4 ball is used for high 5 netball (which is what younger players play) and a size 5 ball is what is used in 7s netball which is what adults play x

A netball is the ball used to play Netball.

Netball uses a size 5 ball. Size 5 is the standard size netball and is used in all netball matches. Netballs also come in all different brands some brands are better than others but it doesn't really matter what band you get, the only advantage of getting better brands is your ball will last longer and it will be better quality.

If there was no ball it would not be called netball it would be called net

A netball... round ball, like a small basketball

Strength is used in netball to throw the ball. The stronger you are going to get the ball down the other end quicker than a weak person.

it is used when you are shooting the ball.

Yes, you can play with a tennis ball if you want. But in any competition or serious game a regulation size ball will be used

the ball is the main 1 and the bibs are next

The size of the regulation soccer ball used by adults and teenagers is the Size "5" Ball. It is the official size of ball used by FIFA.

cause you use your biceps whenever you do passing in netball. I play netball. even though I'm 13 -Tillie

between 690 mm (27in) and 710 mm (28in)

When you use one hand to throw a ball in netball it is called a shoulder pass and they are usually used for longer didtance throws.

ATP-PC system is used for high intensity short bursts of energy such as sprinting... In netball it is used when leading for the ball or the centre driving to the circle. it can also be used when jumping for a high pass.

a netball. that is it, although you could count netball posts but there is absolutaly no other equipment used in a game of netball

The first ball actually used was a soccer ball.

Marking in netball is important to both the teams, it is used by both of the teams to stop the opposing team from gaining possession of the ball by closely monitoring each player.

A ball, Net, Court, 14 Players, Umpires (2), Whistle, Scoreboard.

A size 5 ball is used for U14 teams.

There are lots of drills in netball. A familiar one is called cut the cake, this is when people form a circle and use a ball to throw to each other like they are cutting a cake.

because netball was their game and rugby was too rough.

Football vary in sizes.A size 5 ball is the FIFA Standard ball used in professional soccer.A mini football, size 3 or 4, can be used for many different purposes such as Handball and Futsal.In Handball ( Size 3 ball used ) the size of the ball is ;Circumference (in cm) = 58 - 60Weight (in g) = 425 - 475.Whereas a standard soccer ball ( Size 5 ) is ;Circumference (in cm) = 68 - 70Weight (in g) = 410 - 450.

They used to use a ball , or something round, and a stick to play baseball. They used to use a ball , or something round, and a stick to play baseball.

You use a rugby ball to play rugby. It is shaped like an egg.

It can depend entirely on the type of ball used and how many the panels the ball has. On average, a basketball used in NBA D-league play will have 6 panels. Each panel will be roughly 5 inches.

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