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it is an travle

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Can a portable basketball goal be placed in the ground?

Yes a portable Basketball hoop can be put in the ground. You have to dig into the ground about two feet, place the base in, then cover it back up.

What you called a basketball ground?

A common name for a basketball ground would be a basketball court.

How is geography and basketball connected?

you play basketball on the ground n geography is about the ground

What do they call basketball in Mexico?

They call it basketball as well.

How far is it from the rim to the ground on a basketball goal?

The basketball rim is ten feet from the ground.

What is the height of a basketball net from the ground in meters?

The bottom of the basketball net is 2.5908m-2.6176m from the ground.

Does the basketball touch the ground?

the basketball sport is actually with the ball rebounding in the ground while the player moves. So ti does touches the ground.

What do you call oil that bubbles up from the ground?

Oil seepage..

What do you call the players of the basketball game?

Basketball players.

Is a basketball hoop 12 feet from the ground?

No, it is 10 feet from the ground

In Basketball Rules and Regulations how long is a basketball rim to the ground?

10 feet

Who should call a switch between two defensive basketball players?

The first to recognize that a pick block is formed or the first to discover that he can not make up ground and reach his match up. Switch is like saying help and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably.

What do you call a goal in basketball?

In basketball you score points, not goals.

Hieght of basketball ring?

The rim of a basketball hoop is 10 feet above the ground.

How do you drbble a basketball?

you push the basketball towards the ground and continue moving around the court.

How do you bounce ball in basketball?

you bounce a ball in basketball by hitting the ball against the ground.

Can you install a portable basketball into the ground?


What does holding mean in basketball?

I think your thinking of FOOTBALL there's NO call in basketball called "holding" you can hold someone In basketball but the ref well call foul ...

What is pivot in basketball?

A pivot is when you leave one foot on the ground but you can move the other foot to look and see who is open but NEVER pick up the foot that you left on the ground the Ref would call a travel but you can only stay in the spot where you stopped to pivot I hopes this worked sorry if it doesn't makes sense

How does momentum apply to basketball?

When you dribble a basketball then you are causing the momentum to go downward. When the basketball hits the ground the opposite reaction occurs and the basketball goes upward.

How many meters is a basketball net from the ground?

A standard hoop is 3.048 metres from the ground.

Which will hit the ground first a basketball or a softball?

They both will hit the ground at the same time

How high is NBA basketball goal?

A standard basketball ring is 10 feet away from the ground.

What is the world record for bouncing a basketball on the ground?


How far from the rim to ground in basketball?

10 feet