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there was a whole area of France occupied, thus all cities in that area incl. Paris, Lyons, etc

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Q: What cities in France were occupied by Nazis?
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Which Allied country was occupied by the Nazis?


Was England occupied during World War 2?

No only France was occupied by the Nazis

Who was the US helping in the war?

Countries occupied by the Nazis such as France (and anyone living in Germany who didn't like the Nazis.

Why was France split in unoccupied and occupied part of the country?

Because the Nazis went until the middle of France and French government succeeded to get that the half South of France was not occupied by Germans.

Was Germany occupied by the Nazis?

Yes, it was occupied by the Nazis

Was Spain occupied by the Nazis?

No, Spain was not occupied by the Nazis.

When did France get involved in the holocaust?

They originally didn't get involve but they did got involve once the Nazis occupied France.

Was France an allies?

No, France was not one of the Allies during WWII. France was occupied by the Nazis until invaded by the Allied armies.

Is France under axis control?

France was occupied by the German Nazis (the primary nation of the Axis forces) from the time they surrendered to the Nazis in early 1940 until the Allied Forces defeated the Nazis in France in the summer of 1945.

Was Finland occupied by the Nazis?

Yes. Finland was occupied by the nazis.

What part of France was not occupied by Germany during world war 2?

From 1940-42 roughly the southern half of France was unoccupied by the Nazis. However, in November 1942 the Nazis also occupied the southern part of the country. (Note that some areas of northern France were transferred to Belgium by the Nazis). There was very little of France without a Nazi presence in WW2; even the rural areas were subject to regular patrols from Nazi soldiers. Obvously the main presence was concentrated in the cities and at main crossroads or supply lines, but the oppression of Nazi Germany was felt all over the country.

What countries were occupied by Nazis in world war 2?

Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg

Why did the Nazis put Auschwitz in Poland?

When the occupied poland they renamed some of the cities and one of them was Auschwitz which is now called Oswiecim

What happened at Dunkirk in 1940?

Germany invaded france and occupied cities like Dunkirk.

Why was France divided into two zones in World War 2?

The Nazis were only interested in the Northern and coastal regions of France. They occupied the Northen regions because of the fertile land around Paris. They occupied the coastal regions to prevent Allied forces arriving via the Atlantic Ocean.The rest of France was mountainous and not considered worth invading by the Nazis.

Did Nazis occupy Peru?

No country in the Americas was occupied by the Nazis.

When did France come under Nazi rule?

Nazi Germany occupied France in 25th June 1940, when the Nazis won the Battle of France which started on 10th May and ended on 25TH June 1940.

What are the states the the Nazis occupied?

Before WWII, Germany occupied Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland. During WWII they also attacked or occupied France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Russia, Yugoslavia, and maybe more.

Why did France split into 2 governments during World War 2?

France didn't split into two governments in WW2.The Nothern and coastal regions were occupied by the Nazis, and controlled by the German government.The part of France that was not occupied by the Germans (but did collaborate with them), called Vichy France (Vichy being the seat of the government), was governed by Petain.

What year did the Nazis leave from France?

The Nazis were thrown out of France in 1944.

What two countries did Germany attack in 1940?

Two is an understatement : Denmark Norway Holland Belgium France Luxembourg, all were occupied by the Nazis in 1940.

Was Sweden occupied by the Nazis?

No, Sweden was not occupied by any foreign power in either world war.

How many European countries had the Nazis occupied?


What cities had blackouts during world war 2?

Practically all the cities in Germany, Great Britain, France and the other West European countries occupied by Germany.

How many European countries did the Nazis occupied by 1940?