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George Washington fought for independence in the Revolutionary War!!!!!!!!!


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no george washington did not fight for the british hes fighting against the british

George Washington did not fight in any battles

This is TRUE George Washington did fight in the french and Indian war

Yes he did fight for the corruption.

A young George Washington fought for the British in the French and Indian War.

he fought for the revolutionary war

George Washingtons best fight was the American revolution!! 2cutechick

George Washington, being the top commander of American Revolutionary troops, and the first US President, is a great resume in itself. He, however, did not fight in the US Civil War. Washington died in 1799.

no his brother fought in the war before he did

He fought by delegating his authority to others

Yes, he did. He was on the Americans' side.

Both would probably win a fight. Lulz >.>

Becausebtheyb where ready to fight and were prepsring for a fight

No He didn't. He fought for the freedom of America. The state of Washington hadn't been founded yet

Washington didn't fight in any battles as the commander of the army. He gave his officers the battle plans and had them carry out the orders.

He lead the American forces in the war.

George Washington was most prominent, but there were a few.

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