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What did Sir Isaac Newton invent?


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Newton invented the reflecting telescope, among other items.


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Sir Isaac Newton did invent the reflecting telescope though Galileo built the refracting telescope before him.

Sir Isaac Newton wanted to invent cause pablo the putty cat told him to blow up china.


Sir Isaac Newton discovered the laws governing gravity in 1650

Yes Sir Isaac Newton had invented the first reflective telescope, as an alternative to the refracting telescope.

No, Charles Roser invented the fig newton.

Sir Isaac Newton did not. The snowmobile was invented nearly a century earlier by Leonardo da Vinci while he was traversing the Alps.

He didn't invent anything he found out about Gravity.

Yes,sir Isacc Newton inventf the color of rainbow,

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According to Wikipedia, there is uncertainty as to whether Sir Isaac Newton did invent the cat flap (British English first for once in honour of Sir Isaac) or kitty door. See:

the first hing he made was a reflecting telescope

inembento nia ang sarili nia

Sir Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton has discovered gravity

Sir Isaac Newton was born in Lincolnshire in the 1640s

yes u idiots he's sir Issac newton for crying out loud

Isaac Newton was knighted, and became Sir Isaac Newton, by Queen Anne in 1705. Newton was born in 1643 so that would have made Newton 62 when he became Sir Isaac Newton.

Sir Isaac Newton did not have a nickname. He was simply known as Sir Isaac Newton during his lifetime.

Sir Isaac Newton was able to discover the laws of physics and explain it mathematically as a result of his inventions. His inventions included the reflecting telescope and calculus.

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