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What did evacuees wear?

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A nee length pinafore and long black socks

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What did the evacuees where?

Evacuees had to wear something warm on the train.

What did World War 2 evacuees wear?


Why did evacuees wear hats?

because they didnt have a choose in what to wear and because of all the bombings

What colour clothing did the evacuees wear?

mainly blue and green

Why did girl evacuees wear what they did?

So they didn't have to wear horrible clothes as they were fashionable at the time x

How did evacuees dress?

The evacuees dressed up like well girls would wear a petticoat and a very long skirt boys would wear striped t-shirt with waistcoat and shorts

How did girl evacuees wear their hair?

in 2 neat plats by their shoulders

What did child evacuees wear in World War 2?

On some days boy evacuees wear caps or woolen hats, and their knee-length trousers, well girl evacuees would wear berets, a headscarf/or a woolen hat, and a knee-length dress/ or skirt. They would also wear shoes/boots/ or wellies, a woolen jumper/or a cardigan, and a shirt (usually collard)/ or a blouse. Also on cold/ or wet days, they wear a warm/or waterproof coat, and if it is very cold they wear a scarf, gloves, and thick socks.

Did girl evacuees wear tights?

No in don't think they did but i think that they used to wear skirts with long socks. Bye have a nice time

Where did the evacuees come from?

where did the first ever evacuees come from where did the first ever evacuees come from

What did boy evacuees wear in World War 2?

a waist coat and a shirt and shorts or trousers

What are the boxes called that evacuees had?

evacuees boxes

When did the evacuees go?

The evacuees were evacuated on the 3rd of September 1939

Where evacuees aloud teddies?

Evacuees in WW2 were allowed teddies. Many pictures of evacuees boarding the trains have children with teddies.

Did girl evacuees wear short or long skirts?

In World War 2 girls would wear skirts just above their knees. They would also wear white knee high socks.

What age were the evacuees?

The evacuees were the school aged children. They were ages of between 1 to 18 years. The evacuees were sent to villages primarily.

Where were evacuees sent?

The evacuees were sent to the county side to keep them away from the city .

Where did evacuees get sent?

evacuees got sent on a train tothe countryside

What was tied on to evacuees when they were evacuated?

Labels were tied on to evacuees when they left home

What is the best book about evacuees?

the best book about evacuees is chivvy billy

When did the evacuees return home?

some evacuees returned home others died.

Who did evacuees stay with in World War 2?

The evacuees stayed with complete strangers.

What were evacuees?

evacuees were children who had been sent away during world war 2 !!!

How Many Evacuees Died During World War 2?

About 12,000 evacuees died!

Where were evacuees sent in world war 2?

evacuees were sent to the countryside to evacuate the bombs