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They had to dig their own graves.

AnswerMost of the prisoners were forced to do heavy manual work, such as quarrying, on grossly inadequate food. AnswerThere were different ways the prisoners were treated in the concentrated camps. The homosexuals to the communists to criminals to Jews. They were all treated brutally but in different ways.
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Q: What did prisoners have to do in concentration camps?
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What medical experiments were performed on the prisoners in the concentration camps?

See the answer on "What kind of medical expirements were performed on the prisoners in the concentration camps"

When was Croatian Association of Prisoners in Serbian Concentration Camps created?

Croatian Association of Prisoners in Serbian Concentration Camps was created in 1995.

Where were the Prisoners of War kept?

Concentration camps

What did the prisoners in the concentration camps do?

Able bodied prisoners had to work as slave labourers.

What is a sentence for concentration camps?

The Allies liberated many Nazi and Axis concentration camps in World War Two.The prisoners of war were sent to concentration camps.

What did the prisoners do in the concentration camps?

Hard physical labor.

How were prisoners treated in concentration camps?


How big were the concentration camps?

The size of concentration camps varied greatly across Europe. There were many concentration camps in Germany, the most well-known being Auschwitz. Auschwitz had over 100 thousand prisoners, but other concentration camps had as many as 1 thousand prisoners to tens of thousands.

Were there good concentration camps for Jewish prisoners?

No, there was no such thing as a "good" concentration camp!

How old where the oldest prisoners in concentration camps?

the oldest people in concentration camps were 80 years old? the oldest people in concentration camps were 80 years old?

Jewish concentration camps?

The Jewish were mainly the ones to be put in concentration camps. Some were forced to become kapos, or prisoners that were granted special privileges to supervise other prisoners.

What was he difference between concentration camps and death camps?

Death camps were built to kill prisoners systematically

What caused the concentration camps to be liberated?

allied forces arrived at the camps and freed the prisoners

What year did the US enter the concentration camps and free the prisoners?

prisoners the free and camps consentration the enter us the did year what 1945

What did Flossenburg prisoners wear?

Prisoners at Flossenburg wore what prisoners in other concentration camps wore; striped uniforms.

How did prisoners arrive at the concentration camps?

cattle cars <3

What did the prisoners have to wear in the concentration camps?

they wore striped pajamas

What jobs were prisoners given in concentration camps?

Agriculture and crafts

Did all German Concentration Camps have gas chambers?

No.Concentration camps were large camps where Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs, and political prisoners were held. Those that died did so of either natural causes or being shot.Death camps were like concentration camps but they were the ones which had gas chambers.Many concentration camps had small gas chambers to kill prisoners who had become 'useless'. For example, Stutthof had such a gas chamber and an estimated 1,100 prisoners were killed there.

Did the Flossenbรผrg concentration camp prisoners get a tattoo?

No, only the Auschwitz group of camps tattooed prisoners.

What were the concentration camps known for?

Concentration Camps Were Widely Known For Exterminating Jewish Kind And Prisoners of War. Used in WWII By Nazis.

Who paid for concentration camps?

The prisoners had to pay for the camps, with their labour and/or possessions - and leave the SS with a profit.

Were all concentration camp prisoners Jewish?

No. There were other minorities, like Gypsies or political enemies who were also sent to Concentration Camps as prisoners, but the bulk of the prisoners were Jews.

What was a difference between concentration camps and extermination camps in Nazi Germany?

Concentration camps were used for forced prison labor, while extermination camps were built to kill all prisoners.

How did the prisoners in concentration camps stay empowered?

they didn't, not even close.