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They made life harder for Nazis.
1} Blew up factories delivering to the Germans.

2} Sabotaged railways (and to a much lesser extent air planes and ships).

3} Spread uncensored information to the general public to boost morale.

4} Helped allied air force personnel shot down over Denmark esape via Sweden.

5} Mainly in the final year they killed approx. 400 informers (suspected of) working for the Germans. This was NOT done as a punishment, but to prevent the Germans from catching members of the resistance.

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What did the people of the danish Resistance do?

The Danish Resistance helped the Jews when the Germans forced them to move out of their home. i think. by: M.I.A.

What did the holocaust have to do with the Danish resistance?


Where did the Danish fisherman in the Danish resistance where did they live in denmark?

In a Cabin. In the woods by the Lake.

What was the Danish resistence?

in the book number the stars what are some of the Danish resistance members

Who formed the danish resistance?

I don't think one person in particular had formed the danish resistance. I think that maybe a group of people had formed it.

How does a danish resistance fighter talk?

Sådan her.

What was the resistance in Number the Stars?

The Resistance is Danish people who tried to harm the Nazis.

Who was in the danish underground resistance during wwll?

The Danish resistance was when aliens attacked they earth and brough to the earth talking horse-hogs and the only people that could stand up to them was bald teenagers[=the danish resistance was actually when adolf Hitler attacked other places and sent Jews to concentration camps. people, like Jew, tried to save the Jewish people which is called the danish resistance.

Did the Resistance sink the Danish Navy ships?

yes the resistance did sink their own ships

How did a Danish Resistance Fighter do sabotage?

he went rambo

How old were the people in the Danish Resistance?

10- 70

Who were the country's that were fighting Hitler?

America, Russia, Britain, Canada, French Resistance, Danish Resistance.

Are there groups similar to the Danish Resistance Fighters now?

in the United states black people is similar as danish people

How did the danish Jews help spark resistance efforts?


What happened to the danish resistance in world war 2?

they died

Are there any groups like the Danish resistance fighters in the world?

no there is not

What happend if the danish resistance was caught?

some of the people in the resistance did get caught and were shot in a public square. if the entire danish resistance would have been caught then Denmark would need to defend themselves. the resistance was helping Jews flee to Sweden by smuggling them onto fishing boats

What was Peter's role in Number the Stars?

Peter was part of the Danish resistance.

How did the danish resistance fighters work help?

the danish resistance work help by saving almost the whole Jews.And they did not help the Jews by giving them food but by helping them free.Some crazy mainiac said by giving them food

How did the danish resistance operate?

they operated in secret and held meetings at abandoned warehouses

How many people were in the Danish resistance group during the Holocaust?

850 members of the Danish Underground Resistance movement have been accounted for but there were probably more than that who where not counted doing covert actions against the German Nazis.

Who was the Anglo-Saxon king who led the resistance to the Danish invasion?

Alfred the Great.

What qualities to participate on Danish resistance would you need?

you would need to be loyal and have courage.

Who where the danish resistance?

I don't know of any armed resistance to Hitler's occupation, but the entire population resisted the roundup by the Germans of Danish Jews, simply by hiding them.Only around 400 were found.Anti-semitism was almost nonexistant in Denmark, and Jews were treated the same as anyone else. The Danish Resistance was a group of people, many of them used to be in the army, that helped the Jews. They were in secrecy because if they were caught by the Nazis they would be killed.

Who were the Danish Resistance fighters during World War 2?

they Sold danishes during the war

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