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What did women basketball players wear in 1912?


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long black skirts and plaid overalls


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No, in basketball players do not wear shin guards. Some leaugues do require knee pads though.

It is the clothing that the players wear.

They usually wear a basketball jersey shirt and shorts that are in the teams colors.

Most basketball players wear basketball shorts or other shirts like, "Just Do It".

Basketball shoesshortsjersey

There were no American women competing in the 1912 Olympic swimming events

If they slide it won't hurt

To prevent slipping on the floor.

A basketball Jersey is a the shirt's players wear to identify which team they are on usually they are numbered.

there's nothing special about what basketball players wear

Some people wear sweatbands or wristbands, but not everyone does.

Yes they do because some of these basketball players may be elbowed or hit not considering that their teeth could break

For Style and to endorse the product.

Of course you can! Many basketball players - mostly girls and women - wear the knee pads to protect their knees from injury, scrapes and bruises encountered during the game! The game of basketball is fast and rough, so you fall onto the basketball court many times and you may hurt or scrape up your knees!

A lot of basketball players wear Adidas. For example: Magic J, Lebron James, etc.

Whatever shoe company pays them the most.

lil Wayne does in pop bottles

Girl Scouts in 1912 wore dresses and bloomers (long pants worn under their dresses) when playing basketball. Also, the fence around the basketball court was covered with curtains which were strung on a pole.

If they have big junk I think that most basketball players just wear a regular kind of a jockstrap without a cup. However, some high school basketball players wear a cup because they are concerned about getting hit in their sensitive area. When I played basketball in my teens, a couple of the guys on our team awlays wore a cup.

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