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What do catchers ware under there MIT?

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some catchers wear batting gloves underneath their gloves, while others don't wear anything. i personally like to go glove-less underneath my glove

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Yes, they use a catchers mit, its wider with more room.

dont know whos signature it is, but it's not a catchers mit. i used one when i was little, maybe 15-20 yrs ago. it's a first baseman's mit

Typically a good catchers mitt will weight under 2lbs. Akadema Praying Mantis pro level Catchers mitt weights approx. 1lb 8oz.

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It depends on you and your personal preferences. I use a Liberty Catcher's Mit... i think it's an 11 inch. Some catchers like big gloves, other prefer smaller ones. It just depends on you. I recommend the Liberty series (they're white).

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