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To play Netball you need a netball court, netball, shoes and a drink bottle. that's all you need :) XD

You also might think about wearing clothes, too.


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To play netball you need a netball court, netball nets a netball and also a set of bibs.

Of course you dont! You can play netball with your hair however you like it!

If you want to play a game of netball you'll need:a netball7 players per teaman umpireposition bibs

there is no age limit on netball it is a good sport for all ages.

You definitely need catching skills to play netball because half the game involves catching.

A netball, two nets, and a netball court - or if you dont have one maybe use paint out a back garden?

so you know how to play the game (:

no you just need to know how to play and you will be sweet as

A netball is the ball used to play Netball.

A healthy breakfast. I play netball and I always have a fresh fruit salad

you play netball on a netball court :)

1) - Fitness = endurance, speed, agility, balance, co-ordination, team playing skills 2) a netball to practice with 3) you don't NEED proper netball shoes but they help 4) a team to play in and a coach

7 People Play in Netball

you play indoor netball on wooden floorboards with the court painted on and you play outdoor netball on a bitumen area with a court painted on

you do especially if you play centre !! and you do lots of running around.

a uniform u play netball in!Usually a dress or skirt. a uniform u play netball in!Usually a dress or skirt. a uniform u play netball in!Usually a dress or skirt.

Anyone can play netball as long as you are fit enough you need to find a team that you are comportable playing for and see how good you are! I play netball! (I started playing for my club 4 years ago and i reakon we have only lost about 5 games impressive huh!) Hope this helps!

it helps you play better and you can go for longer in the game

No, you don't have to be an experienced netball player to play for a netball team. Everyone has to start somewhere. Start & you will soon get better. best of luck

two netball posts netball pitch one netball two umpires

a set play in netball would be a throw in

because so you can play better and score more

Yes you can play in mixed teams in netball. Some people think netball is just for girls...but its not its for both girls and boys.

boys don't play netball because they belive its a girls sport and boys shouldn't play

I play netball and i dnt think there is even a "fast netball". But if there is i guess it would all be the same but, faster:\

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