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A tight jump suit and a helmet.


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You Mostley wear a tight bodyish suit with glasses and a sled and you should be good to go

runners wore running shoes and athletic wear

they did not wear any clothes but oil (men). well that was in the ancient Olympics not this modern Olympics. today they wear clothes.

In the ancient Olympics they almost wore nothing at all just a waist cloth that dangles down to cover i think..

In the Ancient Olympics the competitors were nude.

At the Olympics all the athletes (who were men) were naked

They wear a speedo, are u special?

They don't. Hardly anyone can play the bagpipes and even less wear a kilt.

They wore NO CLOTHES at the Ancient Olympics!! .

they did not wear clothes when they were competing

Pretty much anything they want.

Absolutely nothing originally... It's on the Greek pottery.... to help is by having a shower

People have fun, wear new clothes, eat food, get gifts, and go out and play.

They competed naked. Winners got to wear an olive leaf headdress.

Well, just like regular clothing. But sometimes people wear REALLY small shorts when they play and some people play with no shirt on.

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