What do you call a two handed basketball shot?

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for some its just a regular shot ( about 4 people in the nba shoot like that), for others that joke, they call it a prayer
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Why is an easy uncontested shot in basketball called a bunny?

That is just the name for it. There really isn't a specific reason- that was just one of the slang names given. I have looked all over the Internet for the answer to this question and the only reference to a Bunny in basketball I can find is from the film 'Space Jam' where Michael Jordan is j ( Full Answer )

When is a shot attempt recorded in basketball?

As soon as the ball leaves the players hands, that is a shot attempt. A shot attempt can be a mid-range shot, a full-court shot, a layup, a dunk, or any other type of shot. Fancy passes and alley-oops that look like shot attempts or get very close to the rim are not considered shots. If the ball ( Full Answer )

What is a 'three-point' shot in basketball?

Answer . \nOutside of the "key", but in the same half of the court, there is another line, roughly in the shape of a half circle. Shots made from outside of this line are awarded 3 points. They are sometimes referred to as "field goals".

How does the size of a basketball affect the shot?

yes! different basketballs affect your shoot because of the texture,brand,and how much air the ball has.sometimes it has to do witht the weather like if it rains or snows then the rim will be wet or frozen.

What is a lay up shot in basketball?

where you run toward the key dribbling the ball from one corner of the 3/4 line then take 2 steps once you enter the key and take your shot if you get what i mean?? here's a vid that might help which i didn't completely watch so yeah..i hope it helps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCoWtU7mJ3Y

What is a wing shot in basketball?

Answer . Rebounding is one of the most importantaspects of winning basketball games. Offensive rebounding gives yourteam extra chances, and free throw opportunities, and frustrates thedefense. Defensive rebounding is a key part of good defense in general,limiting the offense to just one shot. A ( Full Answer )

Do you look at the basketball when you are blocking a shot?

When you are blocking a shot it is critical that you look at the basketball. If you don't then you will not know where the basketball is and you just might hit the person and get a foul. Once you at least smack the ball away then you look where it went and not stare at it but then go after it.

How do you do the basketball shots?

First, put one hand on the side of the ball and one hand on the bottom. Then pivot your hands upward. Push the ball with the bottom hand and steady it with the other. Release the ball. Remember to follow through with the shot. Good Luck!

In basketball what is a foul shot?

in basketball you get foul shots when your shooting and someone on the other team makes contact with your body

When does a bank shot occur in basketball?

A 'bank shot' is a shot that hits the backboard before going through the ring for a score or not going in to create a rebound situation.

Kinds of basketball shots?

Some words that describe the game of basketball are fast exciting best addictive and the team New York knicks.

What is a hook shot in basketball?

Its relativley simple. Usually in close range, shooter is sideways to the rim, shooting hand away from the hoop, and takes the shot with the away hand, lobbing it up in a "hooking" manner

What is the formula to basketball to shot the basketball and make the shot?

There really is no formula. I took forever to figure out what to do. If you shooting a free throw then go to line make sure you right foot is slightly up further than your left. Now focus of on the goal, don't be worried about your feet now. Once you start moving your hands to shoot you can kinda go ( Full Answer )

How do you shot a basketball in a game?

You must hold the ball in your hands so the left hand is in a L shape.you must have your left foot a little more in front and bend your knees and jump. when inthe air let go of the ball.

Why can a player be awarded one or two shots for a free throw in basketball?

This is because the amount of freethrow you get depends on the shot you take and wether you make it. If you take a 2pt shot and miss you get 2 shots. If you take a 3pt shot and miss you take 3 shots. but if you make the shot your points count and you get an extra shot hence the 1 freethrow

Why is a layup in basketball called a crip shot?

I'm from Chicago, and have heard this term for over 25 years. We called it a crip' when I was young because 'anybody' should be able to make one; even a crippled person. Hence the term crip', and in no way a shot at those persons who are handicapped.

What does momentum have to do with making a shot in basketball?

Momentum adds speed and direction to the ball when released.Jumping adds vertical, running adds horizontal and leaping addsboth horizontal and vertical motion to the ball. The ball is movingat the same speed as the ball handler. Momentum must be accountedfor while shooting or the shot will be exagge ( Full Answer )

What are the two sides in basketball called?

The two sides of basketball are called offense and defense. Onoffense the team protects the ball and tries to convert a basket.On defense the team guards the ball and tries to stop the otherteam from scoring.

Who invented the basketball hook shot?

The hook shot was invented by Harlem Globe Trotter Goose Tatum, andwas used by many players like George Mikan and Kareem Abdul Jabar,whose shot was called the skyhook

Who is called a two in basketball?

A two is most often referring to a player at the shooting guard position. The numbers for each position break down as follows:. 1 - Point Guard. 2 - Shooting Guard. 3 - Small Forward. 4 - Power Forward. 5 - Center.

What shots are there in basketball?

3 pointers- which are the furthest place th throw from 2 pointers- shots made inside the 3 point line free throws- each free throw is worth 1 point. It's shot from inside the 3 point line (free throw line)

What are the two different shots for a sheep called?

There are multiple different names for vaccinations for sheep depending on which drug company has made the vaccine. The main diseases that you can vaccinate sheep against are the clostridials (eg tetanus and pulpy kidney (enterotoxaemia)) and cheesy gland (caseous lymphadenitis). In some countries ( Full Answer )

What is a shot pocket in basketball?

The shot pocket is the area in your shot when you have a "pocket" to hold the ball in. right before you shoot the ball, and before your guide hand leaves the ball when your arm is bent backwards and you are in the air about to shoot, when the ball is currently positioned is the shot pocket. with bot ( Full Answer )

What are the two sets of boundary lines called on the basketball court?

The boundary lines you are referring to would probably be the sidelines or baselines. The rest of the lines on a basketball court include: . Sidelines . Baselines . Mid Court Line . Three Point Line . Free Throw Line . Free Throw Circle . Lane Line . Center Circle For pictures and more i ( Full Answer )

How do you correct a basketball shot?

First determine what current results. Move farther away from thegoal and observe results. Right or left of center of the goal,think body rotation. Being farther away from the goal willexaggerate all movement, improve focus and requires greaterexertion and control. Doubling the distance to the basket ( Full Answer )

What is it called if you dribble the ball with two hands?

If you take 1 strong dribble with 2 hands; normally to get to the basket or position yourself - that's a power dribble. On the other hand if you do it more than once it is a double dribble which is a violation and will result in a turnover