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It means Games Behind.

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Gb stands for Games Behind the conference leader.

Did you mean: "How much is 626.42 MB in a GB?" If you did mean this the answer is 0.62 GB,

A GB is a gigabyte. It's 109 bytes.

No such category in baseball.

kilobyte & gigabyte

GB stands for the Green Bay Packers. They are an NFL team with big point scorers such as Aaron Rodgers, and Greg Jennings.

GB = GigaByte = 1000 MegaByte enough said..

Gigabytes. That's 1024 megabytes.

Its Simple 1000 mb (mega byte) mean 1 GB (gigabyte) 16000 MB (mega byte) mean 16 GB (gigabyte) (1024*16) = 16384 Its my ans ok

What do you mean? 1024MB = 1 GB i think he meant how many gigabits in a gigabyte too which the answer would be 8

It is 4 gb. GB and gb are essentially the same thing, even if you mean the difference between gigabytes and gibibytes. the only difference, would be that 4GB could possibly be construed to mean either 4100 KB or 1000 KB, where a gb would only be 4000 kb.

It means 1 GigaByte , amount of memory

gigabyte - unit of file size

There is no difference between GB and gb; both mean Gigabyte, or 21000 bytes. However, it is generally considered incorrect to use "gb", because the symbol should be capitalized.

7.5 is the value, and GB (Gigabytes) is the unit of measurement. so 7.5 GB would be 7,500 Megabytes (MB).

It means "games behind". It is used to show how many games a team is behind the leader.

how it is and comparing it

KB = Kilobyte MB = Megabyte GB = Gigabyte also TB = Terabyte

There no such thing as a turbo gigabyte. If you mean Terabyte there are 1024 gigbytes in 1 terabyte

It depends what you mean by GB !... If you mean Great Britain - then yes - there are thousands of computers here !

You mean how many zeros in a gigabyte, the answer is 9 as a gigabyte is written as 1,000,000,000 which is one thousand million

it means afternoon games

It basally means that you have 232 Gigabytes on your computer. If you lets say have 132 GB free of 232 GB that means that you have only 132 GB available to be used. If you have 232 GB free of 500 GB that means you have only 232 GB free.

i think you mean 256 mb as this is a quarter of a gigabyte so there would be 4 lots of 256mb in a gigabyte as a gigabyte is 1024 mb

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