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Hurl - to throw with much forse; to fling (Hurled is the past tense of hurl) Sentence: The man hurled the spear at the bear.

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What is a sentence for the word hurled?

He hurled abuse at the politician.The Olympian hurled the javelin across the field.He hurled up his lunch all over the floor.

Nickname of a German cannon that hurled?

By hurled, I'm assuming you mean lobbed shells to enemy positions. One example is the German 'Big Bertha', a massive gun from ww1

What is the meaning of the word hurled?

hurl can mean to throw or to throw up, depending on the sentence

How do you use hurled in a sentence?

He was so angry that he hurled the telephone across the room.

How would you use hurled in a sentence?

I hurled the eggs at my ex-wife's house. He hurled the discus with all his might but it flew barely 10 yards.

Use hurled the stone at the pot in a sentence?

The angry boy hurled a stone at the pot of flowers.

What rhymes with your world?


Rhyming words with world?


What countries rhyme with world?


What is a synonym for hurled and heaved?


How many SYLLABLESis hurled?


What rhymes with world?

Curled, furled, hurled, knurled, pearled, purled, swirled, twirled, unfurled, whirled, hearald, and furlesSentence: I curled my daughters hair for the audition.curled, hurled and that is all i can think of.Curled, furled, gnarled, hurled, kerled, purled, whirled.Words that rhyme with world are:* Curled* Hurled* Swirled* Twirled* WhirledFor help with other rhyming words, go to the website: www.rhymezone.comThe question:What rhymes with world?Inside your brain it unfurlstwirls and does swirlsin singulars and pluralsrefined and yet ruralwhile peering under your curlswinks a string of small pearlsrendered onto a muralof a rarified girlAnswerHurledCurledFurledPurledWhirled furled, curled, hurled World, Twirled, CurledTwirled, hurled, curled, swirled. furled, hurled, curled, pearled, ... Curled. curled, furled, hurled, You should go on for more rhymes.

What is a homophone for heaved or hurled?

thrown and thone

Who was believed to have hurled this giant from heaven?

Ancient myth believed that beneath Mount Etna a mighty giant was buried. Jove believed to have hurled this giant from heaven

What country name rhymes with world?


What percentage of women have hurled footwear at men?


Did Moses keep the Ten Commandments?

No. He hurled them to the ground and broke them.

What god hurled lighting bolts at his enemies?

That would be Zeus.

How many syllables does hurled have?

I would say just ONE syllable. As -ed folows an L it is pronounced as a D. Hurled rhymes with world and is a single syllable word. Howard Boss

A shilling pamphlet hurled against eight hundred ships of war means what?

When it comes to slaughter words and pamphlets don't mean much against military might.

What Verb starting with h?

hurled,hit,hopped,and hang. And more.

What was Zeus weapon of war?

Zeus hurled lightning bolts as his weapon.

Which god hurled lightning bolts at his enemies?

apollo, did after his wife left him

Can you make a sentences out insulte?

YesThe crow hurled an insult at the sparrow.

What is a sentence for opprobrium?

He defended himself against the slander and opprobrium hurled against him.

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