What does opposite mean when talking about integers?


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Positive and negative integers are opposite each other.

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Opposite integers have the same magnitudes, but different signs. Examples of an opposite integers: 10 and -10, -298 and 298.

Integers are the "counting numbers" and their negative counterparts, and zero. Opposite integers are the pairs of integers that have the same absolute value, or, in other words, are the same distance from zero. 10 and -10 are opposite integers. 43 and -43 are opposite integers. It's just that simple.

The (not th) definition (not defition) of opposite integers are integers that are equal in their [absolute] value but have different signs. So, for example, the opposite of +4 is -4, and the opposite of -5 is +5.

If you mean each side of 9 then the integers or whole numbers are 8 and 10

I expect the opposite of talking is 'not talking' or possibly being or remaining silent!

Because that is how the opposite of a number is defined.

The integers 3 units away from -7, (-10 and -4) aren't opposite.

There does not exist a number that is divisible by all integers. The opposite is true. The number one can divided into all integers.

Whole numbers are called integers. There are positive integers, for example, 3, and its opposite, a negative integer, -3.

It is all integers which are not 3 units away from -7.

If you're talking types, and mean flying-type instead of air, and by opposite you mean what is super effective against flying-type, then the answer is electric, rock, and ice.

NO, 8 and 4 cannot be opposite integers.Integers can be opposite by the difference in sign conversion of the same number. 8 and -8 are opposite.

concerning ( a specific topic or talking point ) - it can also mean opposite as in face to face ( for example one of the windows of your house is exactly opposite your neighbour's window )

They will be the same absolute value with opposite signs. They don't even have to be integers.

To add two integers with opposite signs . . . -- Ignore the signs, and write the difference between the two numbers. -- Give it the same sign as the larger original number has.

Are you talking about negative powers.

Subtract the number you first thought of.

The opposite of talking is not talking. The opposite of a dialogue (when two or more people talk in a play or film) is a monologue (when only one person talks).

An integer has to be a whole number or its opposite. For example, fractions and decimals cannot be integers. I'm smart (:

If you're talking about "lower" as the comparative of the adjective low (low, lower, lowest) the opposite would be "higher". If however you mean the verb "to lower" an adequate opposite to use would be "to raise".

Add the integers together, then divide it by the number of integers there are, (in this case 5)

to subtract an integer, add its opposite or additive inverse.

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