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In order to become a track star, no college education is required. High school track stars have gone on to become professionals, but competing on a collegiate level can help in getting discovered.

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What is Star Track Express's population?

Star Track Express's population is 3,000.

What edicatin you need to become a WWE super star?

Athletic charismatic coachable professional

What is Star Track Express's motto?

Star Track Express's motto is 'World's Smartest Delivery System'.

When was Star Track - album - created?

Star Track - album - was created in 2005-10.

What does the term track star mean?

Relating to track, as in track & field, a track star is a well-educated, mentally, and physically strong person. A man/woman who places themselves on a track and runs it to the best of their ability. By taking time and effort, becoming a track star a long hard-working journey and requires numerous steps to be at the peak of your running ability and performance on the track.

What is the salary or a track star?


What famous track star had to restart a track game in the Olympics?

Jo lo

Can Collin Chu get into UCLA as a music education major after appealing?

No because he is going to be a pop-star. He does not need school.

Who is Russell morison?

track star for queens

What is Doug Hoo known for?

he is a track star

What year did star track came out?


When was Nippon Professional Baseball All-Star Series created?

Nippon Professional Baseball All-Star Series was created in 1951.

When was Women's Professional Soccer All-Star Game created?

Women's Professional Soccer All-Star Game was created in 2009.

Does Ross Lynch go to school?

Of course he does, just because he's a star doesn't mean he doesn't need education.

What kind of education is needed to become a rock star?

You really don't need too much of an education, a high school diploma would be fine. All you really need to know is how to sing, play guitar, bass, and/or drums.

What do it takes to be a track star?

Becoming a track star takes perseverance, time, talent, and a strong work ethic. Track stars train for many hours a day, and many years to perfect their technique and increase their speed.

Who founded Star Track Express?

Greg Poche

What is the best age to star track and field?


Who was the first female track star?

Wilma Rudolph

Where is ponyboy curtis a track star?

at his high school

Who was the first woman track star?

Wilma Rudolph

Who was the Australian track star that was an Aborigine.?

lil wayne

How much education is required to become a rock star?

All you need is the ability to let the music flow through your veins and into your soul...

What dose the Christmas star represent?

The star reminds us of the star that led the three astrologers to track down Jesus to kill him.

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