What equipment is used in college basketball?

First of all, you need a basketball of course. You need one with good air pressure, but one that is not too compressed. You need to decide what kind of goal system you are looking for, e.i. moving, permanant, ect. Then you must have a good floor. You can use any type of pavement, but the healthiest for running and stopping abruptly is a slick polished wood. It is the easiest on the knees. Next you need a backboard. Something the basketball will bounce off of to make it into the goal, plastic works best. You need a metal rim, metal so that if someone intends to swing from it, they will not break it off, immediately anyway. You need a net, the material used for the net is usually not that important, you just dont want your basketball to get stuck. Last, you need a scorebaord. Something to keep track of score on. Something related to a football scoreboard.