What football team does mark Owen support?

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MICHAEL Owen was born in Manchester he doesn't support man u or man city he supports Liverpool! and he said he always has if u don't believe me there's a video on youtube where he says it! Don't know about a Mark Owen
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What football team do you support?

I support Arsenal becasue they are a high rated team in the Premier League and are one of the best teams in the world and they have some world class players. Hi I'm improving this answer as i think that Manchester City are the best because they are top of the table and to all you silent supporter ( Full Answer )

What football team does Avril lavigne support?

I don't think she supports any football team.She said she loves Ice Hockey (As you know,she's from Canada,Ontario) so she likes NHL.I don't know which Hockey Team she supports but if you really want to know,I could look for it.

What football team does Zac Efron support?

Zac Efron supports Altrincham FC, and can often be spotted on Saturday afternoons in The George pub on Moss Lane, sipping what he probably calls a "soda" cos they won't serve him a man's drink cos he's about 12.

What football team does the queen support?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II supports premiership team 'Arsenal' formerly 'Woolich Arsenal' as did her Mother Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, wife of King George VII, as it is one of her closest teams and at the heart of British culture, even though the players are definitely are not now. HRH Pr ( Full Answer )

What football team does Lewis hamilton support?

Well Apparently he is a big fan of Arsenal he said at an Interview and Favourite was Thierry Henry Before he moved to Barcalona it is unclear who is Lewis's Favourite player now

What football team does dougie support?

If you mean Dougie Poynter, the bassist in McFLY. He does not support any football team, he doesn't follow it or like the sport.

What football team does dappy support?

Dappy is from north, west London (Camden) and therefore the obvious answer to that question is Arsenal. When N-dubz were intiviewed on "live from studio five" Dappy said that it was an honour to sit next to Ian Wright (ex-Arsenal striker) as he is a lifelong fan. N-dubz later performed "Playing with ( Full Answer )

What football team does Dani harmer support?

dani harmer supports Bristol rovers cos they r da best and she used 2 support Manchester united when ronaldo was there but now she supports real Madrid lol

What football team does shane filan support?

It is not known which football team Shane Filan supports. ShaneFilan is an Irish singer who recently released his debut album, Youand Me in 2013.

What football teams do celebrities support?

Celebrities support all teams in football. Some of them support thesame teams their friends support. Other people support teams thatrepresent where they are from.

Which football team does David Cameron support?

The Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, supports the English football team Aston Villa. His uncle, Sir William Dugdale, is the former chairman of the Aston Villa Football Club.

What football team did mark schlereth play for?

He played his college ball at the University of Idaho and in the NFL ... 1989-1994: Washington Redskins 1995-2000: Denver Broncos Schlereth was a member of three Super Bowl winning teams, the Redskins in Super Bowl XXVI and the Broncos in Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII.

In zanzibar do they support football teams?

Yes! People in Zanzibar are fanatical about football - they mainly support teams for the British Premier League, with Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool being the favorites. The Spanish league is also supported, with Barcelona and Real Madrid being popular. During the World Cup everyone was ( Full Answer )

What football team does Nick Clegg support?

As a MP for Sheffield, he would likely favour United or Wednesday - but being a politician, he would probably cheer for whichever team the majority voters would follow. ----------------/-- Actually he is an Arsenal fan

What football team does Matt Smith support?

All people who post 'THEIR' football clubs are rubbish. He supports Blackburn Rovers, if you type in Matt Smit Blackburn Rovers you can see him with a signed Blackburn T-Shirt on.

What football team does howard webb support?

Howard Webb does not favour or support any football team. He is a F.A. and F.I.F.A. official referee and supports only football itself and makes decisions on behalf of the beutiful game.

Which football teams do girls aloud support?

girls can support any team they want but personal i would support Miami Dolphins(football) Miami Heat (basketball) University of Miami (college football) and University of Florida (college football) Ps) im from Florida

What football team does chris tarrants support?

He supports Reading Football Club, as i was lucky enough to see him sitting a couple of rows behind me at a royals game. I was surprised too but then my dad told me he always sits there. I now sit there all the time.

What football team does Kofi Annan support?

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan supports Partick Thistle. He stated in an interview in 2007 that "...the Jags first came to my attention during John Lambie's reign in the early 2000s. I admired their committment to attacking football and their vibrant red and gold kit. I also hate Clyde."

What football teams do the wanted support?

Nathan Sykes - Manchester United Jay McGuiness - Celtic Siva Kaneswaran - Manchester City or Bolton Tom Parker - Bolton Wanderers Max George - Manchester City

What football team does Liam neeson support?

He supports Liverpool FC. He is also a fan of Crystal Palace F.C. He has asked a formerchairman for tickets as a friend introduced him when he lived inLondon.

What is the point of supporting a football team?

A football team and its supporters can be like a family for many people, providing friendship and support. For others it's the pleasure of becoming immersed in the game, the strategy and the skills of the players.

Which football team do the Grobari support?

Grobari, who are organized supporters of the Serbian football team called the Partizan Belgrade, avidly support their team. Their motto is "The others are cheered, but Partizan is loved.

Which Football team is supported by Gate 13?

The group 'Gate 13' supports the Greek football team Panathinaikos. They are called that because the original group of supporters always met at that gate of the Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium to go to matches together.

What football teams did the Beatles support?

None of them were great football supporters- the closest was PaulMcCartney, who is said to have supported the Liverpool team Evertonbecause his father did, and used to take Paul to see the team playwhen Paul was a child.