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What happened at nuremburg?

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You want to know about Nuremberg but do not specify if you want to know about before, during or after World War 2. So I will address your answer in those terms.

After: The famous Nuremberg Trials of the Nazis charged with war crimes happened for several years. 24 major leaders of the Nazi Regime were tried, convicted and most of them were executed for their atrocious crimes. See related links below.

During: Nuremberg had been heavily bombed from the air by the Allied Forces of the Royal Army Air Force and the United States Army Air Force.

Before: Hitler had a huge arena built and other significant buildings. They held immense rallies and conventions in this city and at the arena. You can see these gatherings on films and in photographs.

P.S. Nuremberg is spelled that way.

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What happened at Nuremburg after the war?

The Nazi warcrimes tribunal occured at Nuremburg and saw the sentencing of several of the survival top Nazi staff.

Why did the nuremburg laws happen?

The Nuremburg Laws happened under the Nazi reign to segregate the people in Europe to target the Jewish which assisted the Nazis in their Holocaust.

What are the nuremburg racelaws?

It was a killing Nazi General by Judgement and Hang neck at Nuremburg

When did the Nuremburg Trials end?

The Nuremburg Trials took place from November 1945 to October 1946.

What was the Nuremburg law?


Where did Pachelbel die?

Nuremburg, Germany

Where were the Nuremberg trials held?

In Nuremburg, Germany.

When where the Nuremburg laws created?

beginning in 1935

Where were the Nazi war criminals tried?


Who was Judge Jackson in the movie Separate But Equal?

He was a Supreme Court judge that is better known for the Nuremburg Trials- and was played by Spencer Tracy in the movie Judgement at Nuremburg.

What city in Germany was the clarinet invented?

Nuremburg, Germany

What was the name of the trials of the Nazis officials?

The Nuremburg Trials

Where did the nuremburg laws take place?


Where was Pachelbel born in Germany?

He was born in Nuremburg, Germany

Where is kaiserburg castle?

Kaiserburg castle is in Nuremburg, Germany.

What is another name for the Nuremburg trial?

It might be Nazi War Crimes Trial.Trial of the Major War Criminals is an alternate search term for the Nuremburg Trials on Wikipedia.

Why did the allies set up courts in Nuremburg Germany?

Nuremburg was the site on which the Nazis held vast rallies. So it was felt appropriate that the Nazis criminals should be tried there.

What happened to war criminals?

Many were tried and hanged after the Nuremburg Trials, some served life inside prison, some managed to commit suicide before the hangman could reach them

Where did Hitler say you will exterminate this brood?

nuremburg germany stadium

Where were German war crime trials held?

Nuremburg Germany

What was the name of the rules Hitler made for the Jews?

The Nuremburg Laws.

When was the nuremburg laws passed?

The Nuremberg Laws were passed in 1935.

What was December 29th final jeopardy question?

Nuremburg trials

Where did Herman goeirng die?

Suicide in Nuremburg prison, Germany

What was the name of the Nazi war criminal court where they were charged at?

Nuremburg .

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