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What hotel do NHL teams stay at in Tampa?

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The Pommeroy Hotel

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Renaissance Raleigh North Hills Hotel.

There are only four hotels in Downtown Tampa that NHL teams tend to stay in: the Westin on Harbour Island, the Downtown Hilton, Embassy Suites, or the Marriott Waterside. They tend to switch.

I am in the hotel industry in an NHL city and can tell you that teams typically stay near the area they will be playing in, but it is up to the individual teams to decide which hotel to use. Thus, you cannot say with any certainty where a team will stay in an particular city.

Florida has two NHL teams. The Tampa Bay Lightning who play in Tampa, FL and the Florida Panthers who play in Sunrise, FL.

None of them live in New Jersey so maybe a hotel near the Prudential Center.

well it madders what team some stay at the downtown denver hotels and Colorado luxury again it all depends on the team

it depends on the team. in a hotel somewhere. most likely at one in or around the st.paul area

There are currently two teams in Florida: The Florida Panthers, and The Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning Minnesota Wild Colorado Avalanche

It varies from team to team. However, most NHL teams stay at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, located across 5th Avenue South from the Nashville Arena.

The state of Florida currently has two National Hockey League teams. They are the Tampa Bay Lightning, based in Tampa Bay, and the Florida Panthers, based in Jacksonville.

Varies, once the new Westin near Crabtree Valley Mall is complete visiting teams will likely stay there.

there are 30 nhl teams31

currently there are 32 teams in the nhl

There are currently 30 teams in the NHL.

No there are only 30 NHL teams.

The Tampa Bay Lightning joined the NHL in 1992/93.

Brad Richards has played for two NHL teams the Tampa Bay Lightening and the Dallas Stars. He currently is under contract with the Stars.

There are 30 teams currently in the NHL.

In 1969 the NHL had 12 teams.

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