What is 18 as a percentage?

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To get a percentage you have to have two numbers to compare, like 18 out of 100, or 18 out of 37 or basically 18 out of anything. but you can't make 18 into a percentage all by itself.

To convert 18 to percent multiply by 100: 18 × 100 = 1,800%
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What is the percentage of kids who move out at or before age 18?

Answer . According to the US Census from 2002, the answer to this question is about 8 percent. The reasons why the number is not higher is primarily due to the difficulty in earning enough money to live on your own without a high school diploma or GED.

What is the acceptable owner to renter percentage in an 18 unit condo building?

The ratio you mention can be a key factor considered by a bank in lending money to a prospective owner. A building with too many renters may appear to the banker like a building with too high a risk -- i.e., for owner abandonment (due to the lack of a renter to help pay the mortgage); a building wi ( Full Answer )

What percentage of gold is in 18 carat gold?

From its name of 18 carat gold you can tell, if it is truly 18 carat gold, that there is 18/24ths gold and 6/24ths of another metal, possibly copper or platinum. 18 carat gold is (18/24)x100= 75% gold.

Calculate percentage increase from 18 to 23 percent?

There is a 5% increase. (23 - 18) If you meant the percentage increase from 18 to 23. It is a 27.77% increase. percentage increase = ( a - b ) / a a = larger ending number b = smaller starting number

What is 18 over 72 as a percentage?

25% 18/72 = x/100 72 times x = 18 times 100 72 times x = 1800 divide each by 72 72x/72 = 1800/72 x = 25 x = 25% To check your work, multiply 18 times 4 (since 25% is one-quarter of 100%). 18 = 25%, so 18 times 4 = 72.

What is the percentage of girls shaving their pubic hair aged 14-18?

According to the website www.examhealth.com "Fashion and grooming trends have extended below the waist. 23 percent say they shave part of their pubic hair off. Nine percent say they shave all of their pubic hair off. Women in the 18 to 44 age group are more likely to remove hair in their pubic re ( Full Answer )

What percentage of 18 carat gold is in fact pure gold?

If the other alloying metal is copper (or metals with densities close to that of copper's 8,6 such as nickel or silver which are the most common) then around half the volume is gold the other half is alloying metal.

What if your credit card company charges 18 percent APR Annual Percentage Rate?

Then you should probably look for a lower interest rate card, unless you plan to pay off the balance in full. Otherwise, you will be paying ALOT of interest. A card with a small yearly fee that offers an 11% interest rate may be worth paying the fee to avoid very high interest payments if you plan t ( Full Answer )

Find the percentage of 18 out of 50?

Percent means out of one hundred, so to work out 18 out of 50: . Divide 100 by 50 (the answer is 2) . Multiply 18 by 2 (the answer is 36) Remember the rule.

What percentage of teens smoke before 18?

Nationally, in the UK, one in five teens smoke (which is 20%). Around 78% of these teens say that they started smoking involuntarily.

How do you convert a percentage to square feet i.e. .18 of an acre?

The conversion factor is 1 acre = 43,560 sq. ft. Or about 90 yards of a football field. To convert, you multiply the decimal (0.18 acres) by the conversion factor: Sq. ft = 0.18 acres * 43,560 sq. ft./acre =7841 sq. ft. or about 78ft x 100ft

What percentage is 21 divided by 18?

If you divide 21/18 it is over 100%, the decimals are 116.66 so the actual percentage is 117%, sometimes 116% cause some teachers don't round over 100

What is 18 as percentage of 31?

\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n \n \n \n \n \n 0 \n false \n \n \n 18 pt \n 18 pt \n 0 \n 0 \n \n false \n false \n false \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n\n \n \n \n\n\n\n \n\n perce n tage = 58.06% \n\n % rate: \n\n = 18 /31 * 100% \n\n = 0.5806 * 100% = 58.06% \n\n .

What percentage of deaf under 18 are born with it?

The answer to thisquestion will begin with a simply explanation of the term "deaf."Deaf or deafness is sometimes used inappropriately for any amountof hearing loss. However, deafness really refers to hearing lossthat is so great that hearing aids provide little or no help withcommunication. Most per ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage of 116 and 18?

You need to clarify ... do you want to know: What percentage of 116 is 18? -or- What percentage of 18 is 116? If you meant the first one, the answer is 100*18/116 = 1800/116 = 15.51... or about 16%.

What percentage is 5 of 18?

27.78% ---------------------------------------- To convert a number to a percentage multiply by 100% → 5/18 = 5/18 × 100% = 27 7/9 % = 27.777... % ≈ 27.78 %