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Darius Slay is number 30 on the Detroit Lions.

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Macduff slays Macbeth.

Grendel, a monster that Beowulf slays, and Grendel's mother, whom Beowulf also slays.

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I/you/we/they slay. He/she/it slays. The present participle is slaying.

on at youdfhs.homfgj.bieeberrrbook.ning

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Vlad get stabbed by a silver steak and lives.

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yes my music teacher told me it was made in a cold place so they hade to ride in slays they would put bells on the horses witch they would pull the slays yes it is but that person was just being an idiot! jingle bells was originally made as a song played at thanksgiving, but since it had so much popularity it was sung again on Christmas, and that is how the mistake started. oh and 'slays' is spelled sleighs. yeah idiot

i dont know plz help me i need it Caladirth?

hamlet kills him Hamlet is "frightened by some movemnet behind the curtain" and slays him thinking it was Cladius.

Yes. Revelations.

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