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Its napoleon
Napoleon. His last name was Bonaparte.

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Q: What is Napoleon's first name?
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What is napoleons full name?

napoleon bonapart

What was Napoleons full name?

Napoleon Bonaparte

What was napoleons real second name?


What was the name of napoleons horse?

marengo was his favourite horse

What was the full name of napoleons brother?

john and tyler

What was Napoleons first title?

Possibly Cadet Buonoparte.

Did Napoleon have a nick name?

Yes, Napoleons nick name was The Little Corporal.

Who spotted the loch ness monster first?

It was Napoleons brother

Name a soldier that fought under Napoleons army before he became First Consul?

Joachim Murat, a cavalry officer who became Napoleon's brother-in-law.

What is the small Mediterranean island famous for napoleons first exile?

St Helena

What happened to Josephine De Beauharnais Napoleons first wife?

Later died of pneumonia.

What was the name of Napoleons wife?

Napoleon had 2 wives. The first was the Empress Josephine (de Beauharnais) & then he married the Austrian Princess Marie-Louise who bore him a son,the King of Rome.

The site of napoleons greatest defeat was?

The Battle of Waterloo was Napoleons greatest defeat.

Which of these events in napoleons career occurred last in 1815?

Napoleons is defeated by Wellington at waterloo

What event marked the beginning of Napoleons rule?

His coup in 1799 made hin the First Consul of France.

What was one of napoleons first move after the coup d etat was to make peace with the oldest enemy of the revolution?


What did Napoleons father do?

He was an attorney.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Six Napoleons - 1922?

The Six Napoleons - 1922 is rated/received certificates of: UK:A

Who took over France during Napoleons exile?

Napoleon's son, but Louis XVIII got there first with the help of the Coalition.

Napoleons final battle?


When did Napoleons son die?


What was napoleons legacy?

The Napoleonic Code.

What was napoleons favorite book?


What food gets its name not because it was French for the food meant for Napoleons horse because it was supposed to make even the devil fart?


What caused Napoleons death?

He had stomach cancer.