UFC-Mixed Martial Arts

What is UFC?

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July 04, 2009 5:14PM

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship is an MMA (Mixed martial arts) Promotion.

Fighters are divided into 5 weight classes -

Lightweight (155lbs and under) Welterweight (156-170lbs)

Middleweight (171-185lbs)

Light Heavyweight (186-205lbs)

Heavyweight (206lbs-265lbs)

Fighters are allowed to use almost any martial arts technique. The exceptions are groin or eye strikes, throat strikes and small joint locks (i.e fingers) Fights take place in an 8 sided cage, known as the octagon. The reason for a cage is that ropes are unsafe (fighters can fall through and/or get tangled in them). The cage is flexible enough not to be dangerous, and also allows spectators and cameras to see the fight with some clarity.

The aim of a fight, which lasts for 3 five minute rounds (5 rounds for a championship fight) is to knock out or submit your opponent. The referee will stop a fight if a fighter is no longer intelligently defending himself, or has received a serious injury (e.g broken arm)

If neither fighter loses within the 3 rounds, The athletic comission judges decide who wins using the 10-point-must system from boxing. In 2008 UFC was the largest Pay-Per-View venture in the United States.