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What is a 3 second violation?


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== == If an offensive team player stayed in the key-hole (painted area) for more than 3 seconds its called a 3 seconds violation. Ball awarded to the opposing team!

In the NBA, there is also a defensive three second call. If a defensive player is in the painted area for three seconds while not guarding an offensive player, the officials can call a defensive three second violation. This rule was put in to keep teams who play the zone defense from placing a player in the lane solely for rebounding or keeping an offensive player from driving the lane.


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a 3 second violation is when you stay in the paint for two long

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There are many-some violations are: travel backcourt violation 3 second violation 24 second violation goal tending .....

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If you hold the ball for 3 seconds or more you will get held up for second violation or Held Ball

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It's when an offensive player is in the paint for 3 or more seconds.

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