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parallelagram: or it can be a sguare or rectangle or trapizoid

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Is every trapezoid a closed figure?

Yes every trapezoid is a closed 4 sided quadrilateral

Does a closed figure describe a trapezoid?

Yes because a trapezoid is a 4 sided closed shape which is a quadrilateral.

What is the only regular 5 sided shape called?

In 2 dimensions, a regular 5 sided figure is a pentagon. In 3 dimensions, there is no regular sided 5 sided figure. The tetrahedron is a regular 4 sided figure and a cube is a regular 6 sided figure.

What is a square in comparison to a triangle?

A square is 4 sided with sides of equal length and angles of equal measure A triangle is a three sided CLOSED figure

What is a plane figure with 4 sides?

a group of 4 sided shapes is called a quidrilatriel

What is a 4 sided shape called that has not got equal sides?

A non-descript four sided figure is a quadrilateral.

What is a solid 3 or 4 sided figure?

There cannot be a solid three sided figure. A solid 4 sided object is a tetrahedron.

What closed 4- sided figure has 4 right angles and 4 pairs of congruent sides?

I assume you mean 4 congruent sides or 2 pairs of congruent sides.. (There are no 4-sided figures with 8 sides.) A square.

What is a square with all the sides different lengths?

A square has all 4 sides equal in length. A four sided closed figure with all sides different length is called a quadrilateral.

A 4 sided shape which has 2 parallel sides?

This figure is called a trapezoid or trapezium.

A polygon has 4 sides?

a polygon is a figure with more than 2 sides which forms a closed figure. so simply it can have as many sides as u want as long as u have at least 3. a quadrilateral is a 4 sided figure.

How many diagonals has a 4 sided figure?

A 4 sided quadrilateral has 2 diagonals.

Is a Hexagon a parallogram?

No. A hexagon is a 6-sided figure. A parallelogram is a specific kind of 4-sided figure.

What your other names for a Parallelogram?

a 4 sided figure * * * * * A four sided figure need no be a parallelogram. Think of a kite!

Is a heptagon a trapezoid?

No because an heptagon is a 7 sided figure whereas a trapezoid is a 4 sided figure.

A 4 sided shape is called?

a 4 sided shape is called a quadrilateral

Are quadrilaterals closed figures?

Yes quadrilaterals are 4 sided closed figures or polygons

What are the names and sides of a polygon?

The prefix "poly" means many. A polygon is a closed multi-straight-sided figure - multi meaning anything from 3 or more sides. The language used in naming polygons is Greek. So, a triangle is a closed 3-sided figure - the simplest polygon of all - 'tri' meaning 3. Quadrilateral = 4 sided [quad = 4] Pentagon = 5-sided [penta = 5] Sexagon = 6 Septagon = 7 Octogon = 8 Nonagon = 9 Decagon = 10 ... and so forth.

What are the properties of a paralellogram?

a closed, 4 sided figure with: 2 pairs of parralell lines 2 pairs of congruent line diagnals bisect each other

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