What is a Hank Aaron 1974 pennant worth with his picture on it and the date April 8 1974?

There are a few different pennants issued in 1974 honoring Hank Aaron hitting home runs number 714 (April 4 1974), and 715 (April 8 1974). Pennants include the picture pennant "714 and more in 74", "Home Run King 1974", and "All Time Home Run Champion" photo pennant. I did not come across one dated April 8 1974, but it would be valued as high or higher than the pennants mentioned above. In general these pennants are worth about $45.-$75. in near/mint condition. As with all collectibles condition is important.

Common flaws with pennants are missing ties, pin holes, frying, creases, and "crackling" on the printing. Sometimes people will trim down a pennant to rid it of the frying or other flaws like a flat tip (point) Caused by being pinned up and ripped off. Any of these flaws will degrade the value of the pennant significantly. Doctored pennants - A term used to describe a pennant that has been altered to cover up a flaw, is a practice that is frowned upon among the collecting community, and could sell for less than a pennant with the flaws it was meant to cover up. See Related Links below for information on other vintage pennants