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A WR is a abbreviation for Wide Receiver. The WR's job is to exucute the route the play has defined for the WR. The WR then runs the route trying to elude the DB(Defensive Back) that is assigned to stop the WR. But the main duty of the WR is to catch the ball and try to get into the endzone for a touchdown

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What is the prototypical size for every position in American football?

QB: 6'3 Slot WR: 5'11 Deep WR: 6'4 TE: 6'3 RB: 5'10

What is WR in football?

Wide receiver.

Who is the best sleeper WR in 2007 Fantasy Football?

Troy Williamson, Vikings WR

What does a corner do in football?

Def/ cover WR

What does wr mean in football?

Wide Receiver.

What is the best football play?

the WR reverse in my opinion

What position does WR stand for in football?

Wide receiver.

What does WR position in football stand for?

wide receiver

Who covers the WR in football?

Typically the corner back or the safety.

Which positions scores the most in football?


What was 1979 Florida gators football roster?

Darrell Jones WR Chris Collinsworth WR Scott Brantley LB Larry Ochabb QB

What football Position should you play 5'7 lift 117 bench press 190 squat can catch great and run a 5.3?


What famous football player wore number 80?

Jerry Rice: WR

Where did the american civil wr end?

Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia

Which University of Michigan football players wore number 1?

AC and Braylon Edwards

How many men must be in football backfield?

None. Ex. 5 WR Set

What are funny football player names?

Fair Hooker, former WR for the Cleveland Browns.

Is Devon Hester still playing football?

Yes he is. He is on the Chicago Bears and play WR.

What position to play in football at a 6'2?


Who is the fastest athlete in college football in the 2007 season?

Jacoby Ford, WR for Clemson University

Where is tramon Douglas former grambling football player?

He is now the WR coach at Alcorn State.

Who is treylon Wilson?

he is the best kids WR ever in football history. better than boldin

Is football American or is soccer American?

football is american

Is Iceland football like American football?

No, Iceland football is different from American football.

The first sandiego charger inducted into the pro football hall of fame?

WR Lance Alworth in 1978.