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The work "tessellation" is derived from a tessella, a small cuboid clay tile which was used to make mosaics. In the context of tessellation, as the term is used in modern geometry, the basic element is a plane shape such that multiple copies of the shape will cover a plane without gaps or overlaps.


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A slide design is a also known as a slide design tessellation. If you would like more information, go on Google and look up "slide design tessellation".

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A tessellation is the laying out of one or more convex polygons over a certain amount of space without gaps. A pure tessellation is a tessellation in which only one shape is applied to cover an area.A tessellation is a design that covers a plane with no gaps and no overlaps.A pure tessellation is one that uses only one shape

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The basic element is usually a simple shape called a tessela. Although these are often polygons, that need not be the case. For more unusual basic shapes, see, the set of Symmetry artwork by MC Escher.

No a pentagon is a single polygonal shape, A tessellation is a scheme for covering a plane, without gaps of overlaps, using multiple copies of the same basic shape. These are usually polygons.

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Yes it is a tessellation.

Non-visible tessellation or non-existent tessellation, perhaps.

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A regular tessellation or semi-regular tessellation or none.

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A tessellation that uses more than one kind of regular polygon is called a semi-regular tessellation.

I would have though t that it is against the law to use animals for tessellation!I would have though t that it is against the law to use animals for tessellation!I would have though t that it is against the law to use animals for tessellation!I would have though t that it is against the law to use animals for tessellation!

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A geometric tessellation is a pattern of shapes and colorsAnother Answer:-Geometric tessellation is when shapes on a plane blend together with no gaps or overlaps.

Tessellation is a art of mathematics that has to do with a cube that has 4 sides. Tessellation is practice of finding out all the mathematical properties of a cube.

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