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Having the same size and shape; when line segmentss have the same length or when angles have the same measurement.

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The regular polygon is congruent

draw a polygon that is congruent?

A polygon with all congruent sides is a regular polygon.

It is an equilateral polygon. It is not a regular polygon. For the polygon to be regular, it is not enough for the sides to be congruent: all the angles need to be congruent as well.

A regular polygon is a polygon with congruent sides and interior angles.

A polygon with all sides congruent is a square.

a polygon that has all angles congruent is an equiangular .....

A polygon with five congruent sides is a pentagon.

A polygon with all interior angles congruent Is known as a regular polygon.

No. You also need all of the sides to be congruent. For example, a rectangle has four congruent angles, but it is not a regular polygon.

It all depends on what kind of polygon it is. It may have no congruent sides or all congruent sides.

A convex polygon with congruent sides and congruent angles is a regular polygon.Some regular pilgrims have specific names: Equilateral triangle and square

It's equilateral !!! A polygon with all sides congruent is equilateral.

It would be an irregular polygon that has not congruent sides and angles

It is called an irregular polygon. However, an irregular polygon can have congruent sides if all angles are not equal.

square * * * * * A square is an example, but is not the whole answer. A polygon wit all sides congruent is an equilateral polygon (think equilateral triangle, or a rhombus). If all the angles are also congruent, then it is a regular polygon.

A regular polygon such as a square or an equilateral triangle ..... etc .....