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What is a cross country pipeline?

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a cross country pipeline is a pipeline which starts from a country and its destination is Another Country but it passes through one or more other countries. It can carry oil gas supply petroleum supply etc.

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Definition of cross country pipeline?

The pipeline originated from one place and terminated at another place with inthe country (crosses various part of a country) known as cross country pipeline. This terms iswidely used for Oil & Gas pipelines.

Pipe material used in construction of cross country pipeline?


What country claims the world longest oil pipeline?

Canada. The world's longest pipeline is in Russia, but it is claimed by Canada!

What country has the worlds largest oil pipeline?


What country that claims world longest pipeline?

its canada......................

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How much does a person would works on a pipeline make?

the average salary of a pipeline worker in the united states is about $59,242. this information was received by asking several different human resources departments around the country at pipeline companies.

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Worlds longest pipeline?

i would check out the Russian pipeline or the Alaskan pipeline.

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Pipeline total

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Elevation has any effect on cross country pipe line?

Obviously if the pipeline is running downhill you would be getting the benefit of gravity. Also every few years someone suggests that we pipe water from the American-Canadien great lakes to the American desert southwest. This more than likely will never happen as the pipeline would have to cross the Rocky Mountains and would require large amounts of energy to overcome the elevational effects. Water weighs in at approx. 8 pounds per gallon so start figuring how expensive this water will be... Search on the terms "Pipeline hydraulics" etc for a better explanation from a real engineer.

What is Alaskan pipeline?

Alskan Pipeline/Trans-Alaska Pipeline System is an oil pipeline that runs 800 miles from wells at Prudhoe Bay to the port of Valdez

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