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What is a gantt chart?

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January 05, 2013 7:29AM

A gantt chart is like a bar chart. It is often used to indicate periods of time in a project or schedule. It can show graphically how long something is expected to take, or when something is due to start and finish. It can also show how these things are related to each other, like how one thing must be complete before something else can begin. So if you are building a house, you could show how long it is expected to lay the foundations, which will give you an idea of when the building of the walls will begin. This could then help you to decide how soon you need to order the bricks for the wall.

You can use gantt charts to show things like when your holidays begin and end, or to plan your day, by showing how many hours you will spend doing various activities. There are lots of uses for gantt charts.