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A Netball club is a large community of netball players which consists of many different teams spanning from different age groups. They usually have the same uniform as one another.

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How do you say netball club in french?

un club de netball (netball is pretty unknown in France, so there is no translation for it in French)

When was Corryong Football Netball Club created?

Corryong Football Netball Club was created in 1893.

When was Bullioh Football Netball Club created?

Bullioh Football Netball Club was created in 1947.

When was Cudgewa Football Netball Club created?

Cudgewa Football Netball Club was created in 1893.

What is an fact about Casey Williams?

Casey Willams started her netball traning when she went to a netball club!!

Where are netball clubs?

A netball club is a group of people in all different ages who make up different teams and have competitions.

Is the word netball a proper noun?

No, the noun netball is a common noun, a word for any netball or any netball game.A common noun becomes a proper noun when it is the name of a person, place, thing or a title. For example:Detroit Metro Netball ClubThe Florida Netball Classic tournamentUSA Netball Association

What Is youth netball?

Well, in my club it's called netta but youth netball is normal netball but the rules are more lenient. It's played by little kids about 8 and under

Can you get banned from netball?

yes you can get banned. not from playing netball totally but from the league your in or club. you usually get banned fro violence or drug abuse.

How do you Be a Netball Umpire?

You can be an umpire really easily. You can help out at your local school, university or club. Or you can go on courses that England Netball run.

10 sporting clubs in svg topics are netball soccer basketball and cricket?

THE EX-Ceed sports club includes only netball and athlectics

What is the best netball club in Sydney?

Glenwood is the best club. It is well organised and has great coaches that help get the teams a long way.

What is the clothing for netball?

Normaly its a netball skirt, found in like rebel sport, sometimes k-mart. and a club shirt, t-shirt sometimes polo shirts.

Why is netball needed in netball?

A netball is the ball used to play Netball.

What facilities do you need for netball?

To play netball you need a netball court, netball nets a netball and also a set of bibs.

Who can play netball?

Anyone can play netball as long as you are fit enough you need to find a team that you are comportable playing for and see how good you are! I play netball! (I started playing for my club 4 years ago and i reakon we have only lost about 5 games impressive huh!) Hope this helps!

What is the venue for netball?

you play netball on a netball court :)

What jobs can you get at the age of 12 years of age?

Well I'm 12 and I am BRILL at Netball! I've heard you can be a babysitter, Tudor people and that and I'm an Assistant Netball Manager at my Local Little League Netball club. But a few people at my school do some songwriting and they're only in Year 7.

Is Netball A Unisex Sport?

At most netball clubs, netball is unisex for the younger kids, but once it gets to (usually) under 13s and higher, guys need to join either open teams, which are guys and girls, all ages playing together, or find an all male club or team.

How do you say netball in german?

netball = Netzball netball = Korbball

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