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How much is a model 310 Savage Sierra 308 cal rifle worth?


How much to sell Benjamin Franklin model 310 poor condition?

it's worth $25 - $35

How much does NFL player Desmond Bryant weigh?

NFL player Desmond Bryant weighs 310 pounds.

How much would a 1972 excelsior accordion be worth now?

Ebay shows a wide range in price for excelsior accordions sold this year. Age matters but the model number is a big factor. A three year old Continental model sold for $3,000. A model 64084 sold for $42, a model 310 sold for $500.

How old is a model 310 with serial number T137505?

your model 310 was made between 1972-1975.

How much is a Teisco Ray guitar model ET-310 worth?

I bought one in decent condition for 105 at a pawn shop

What is the value of a Benjamin Franklin 310 air rifle in excellent condition?

It would be worth around $105. This model was made from 1940 to 1969. If you have the original box it is worth 25% more.

Where do you find pellets for a Benjamin Franklin model 310?

You don't find pellets for the Benjamin model 310 because it is designed to shoot BB's only, not pellets. The model 312 shot .22 caliber pellets and the model 317 shot .177 caliber pellets but the 310 only shot BB's.

What is the value of a 310 Benjamin Franklin air rifle in near mint condition?

It would be worth around $105. This model was made from 1940 to 1969. If you have the original box it is worth 25% more.

What year is a Benjamin pellet rifle h299084?

Let me guess your Rifle is either a model 310, 312 or 317. It was made in 1965

How much is a Benjamin Franklin model 310 worth excellent condition?

To be in Excellent condition it must have NO scratches, rust, wear or damage of any kind. If your rifles fits this description then it is worth Between $90 - $105.

What date was a Benjamin Franklin model 312 .22 cal manufactured?

The Benjamin model 312 was part of the 310 series of rifles that included 310, 312, and 317. They came in .177 and .22 caliber. Production started with the model 310 in 1940 and ended with the model 317 in 1969, the 312 fell somewhere in the middle of that time period

What planet has a year 310 earth years long?

The dwarf planet Makemake is the planet with a year 310 earth years long.

How much is Michael Jackson's estate worth?

It is about $310 million.

What is the value of a Benjamin Franklin Model 312 pellet gun in fair condition?

Crosman air gun company currently owns Benjamin rifles and guns. Your model 312 is part of the 310 series of air rifles (310, 312 & 317) they were made between 1940-1969. In fair condition it is worth somewhere around $40 to $45.

What date is 310 days after January 1?

In a non leap year, adding 310 days to January 1 gives November 7. Adding 310 days in a leap year gives November 6.

Buffy Sainte-Marie how much is she worth?

310 million

How long is a year on makemake?

a year on Makemake is 310 years on earth

When were Winchester model 320's made?

The Winchester model 310 and 320 were made by Winchester from 1972-1975.

How many miles are between Fort Worth and Texas city?

310 miles

How old is model 312 Benjamin air gun serial number h298034?

The Benjamin 310 series (310, 312, 317) were made between 1940-1969.

What information is available on a Winchester model 310 22 cal single shot bolt action rifle?

I bought my Winchester model 310 22 cal. in 1974. What information do you want? Write me to Nicola Macchia, Italy

How many miles between Beaumont TX and Fort Worth TX?

310 miles

How much is a British Gold One Pound Coin worth in US dollars?


What is 310 plus 20 percent?

310+205 of 310=310+ 20/100*310=310+62=372