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What is a willie horton signed ball worth?


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Willie Horton single signed baseball

A Willie Horton single signed Baseball is worth about $30.- $40. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Add for inscriptions.

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Its worth about 1,000,000 it depends on the condition of ball and if the ball is a nba certified or not nba certified ball signed will be worth more

I say a Lou Brock signed ball is probably worth at least a hundred bucks.But it depends on how old it is.

The last single-signed Willie Jones ball I saw sold was on the Hunt Auction online and it sold for around $550. About a year ago, Willie's auto went for $350 on the same site.

The George best autogragh is worth about $100( That's what I sold one for). If he had signed a Manchester United ball , It probably would be worth more. maybe $200. if it was a man utd ball that was signed by him while in his playing days at utd, it could be worth a lot , lot more. He Lived in Chelsea for a good while , that's probably were the ball was signed. Good luck

Most of the basketballs are going to be worth around $125 to $150 each. The exact price will depend upon the condition of the ball and who all signed the ball.

if signed by all players then 150 -200 dollars

Yes, in terms of whether it was used in play for example. A ball signed by a player that was an official MLB ball in a World series is definitely going to be worth more than any ordinary ball signed by the same player.

It would depend on who signed it and how clean/clear there signature is on the ball ...

A 1969 NYM team signed bat is worth about $2,995 A 1969 NYM team signed baseball is worth about $650

dependant on the year the older the ball and the signatures the higher the worth a 2009 signed ball may only be worth $40 my email is if you want to sell the ball send me some pics and I will send you a price I am willing to pay thanks

A baseball signed by Alex Gordon is worth a price ranging from $15 to $60. The exact price will depend upon the condition of the ball.

It depends on how many of the players signed the ball. A typical autographed basketball, Men's full size, would run around $50-$250.

How much a signed Rich Harden baseball is worth depends on the condition of the ball. Its value is generally between 35 and 155 US dollars.

Authenticity and condition are the key factors in determining value of any signed item. Alexander's genuine signature on a baseball is difficult to find, and as such, your ball could be worth as much as $2500 depending on these and other variables, such as type of ball, additional signatures on the ball, date signed, and possibly - the provenance, meaning the detailed history of this signed ball: who, what, when, where, etc.

Probably priceless. If not, then maybe $1,000,000,000

I can talk for days about the pricing of a ball. But here are the factors that make it worth the money: if the ball is authenticated by either Jsa or psa DNA, if it is signed in the middle of the baseball, if it is signed in blue ink, if it is a major league baseball (because if it isn't it would hold no value at all) and if the autograph is not faded and there are no inconvieniences on the ball it would be $199 -All-Star memorabilia

IT depends who are the three who signed the ball. The condition of the ball & signatures. Can the ball & signatures be authenticated and certified? Were all the signatures gotten at the same time? Is there a photograph showing you getting the autographs?

it all depends on what kind of shape it is in that decides how much it is worth

If all members of the squad signed the ball, it could be worth over 1 thousand dollars if the BEAR signed the ball as well. LE Fordham

The value of a Tippy Martinez signed baseball does tend to vary. As of 2014 the average cost of this ball is between 150.00 and 325.00.

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