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It is a measure to judge how effective a pitcher is. It calculated by taking the total earned runs a pitcher has allowed and dividing by (total #of innings pitched/9). Giving you an average number of runs a pitcher allows (earned runs) every 9 innings

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Q: What is an Earned Run Average?
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Do walks count in earned run average?

it depends. If the bases were loaded and a batter walked, that would effect the earned run average. But if a batter walked but it did not effect the score, it would not effect the pitcher's earned run average.

Does fielding errors count against pitchers earned run average?

No...a fielding error that allows the runner to get on base and that runner scores is not an earned run and does not count against earned run average.

What does ERA in baseball mean?

Earned Run Average

In baseball what does era stand for?

Earned Run Average

What is David Ortiz's Earned Run Average?

David Ortiz doesn't have an ERA because he is not a pitcher. Only pitchers have Earned Run Averages.

What is a hurler in baseball what does ERA stand for?

A hurler is a slang term for a pitcher in baseball. ERA stands for Earned Run Average and is a statistic for pitchers that shows the number of 'earned' runs a pitcher allows for every nine innings. An earned run is a run that is scored without the help of an error or passed ball. One might think that the earned run average of a pitcher is similar to that of the batting average of a hitter.

What does Earned Run Average mean as in baseball?

ERA is the average number of earned runs a pitcher allows per nine innings pitched.

What pitcher has the highest lifetime earned run average?

Boof Bonser

What does the abbreviation era stand for in baseball?

ERA= Earned Run Average.

How does an earned run average measure a players performance?

by the scoring method

Baseball words that start with letter E?

ERA? (Earned Run Average)

What was the earned run average for Babe Ruth in 1932?

Babe Ruth did not pitch in 1932.

What does era stand for on a baseball card?

ERA stands for a pitcher's earned run average.

What is era in baseball?

E.R.A. stands for Earned Run Average. It is the average earned runs scored upon a pitcher per nine innings of work. It is called Earned because if a fielder makes an error allowing a runner to advance a base and that runner eventually scores, that run will not be charged to the pitcher's E.R.A.

What is ER in baseball?

An ER is an earned run. An earned run is a run that scored without the fielders making any errors. If the run scores because of an error by a fielder, the run is just classified as a R (run) and does not harm the pitchers ERA (average amount of runs allowed per nine innings)

ERA stands for?

ERA means Earned Run Average. It is a statistic used for pitchers to calculate how many earned runs the pitcher allows on average over 9 innings (27 outs) pitched

Earned run average calculated in softball?

Earned runs are runs that are scored because of hits stolen bases. Un-earned runs are those where a runner gets on base because of an error and eventually scores. The earned run average (ERA) is calculated by taking the total number of earned runs scored against a pitcher and dividing that by the total number of innings that pitcher pitched. The lower the ERA the better the pitcher, usually.

How do you get the era of a pitcher?

The ERA (Earned Run Average) is calculated by dividing the number of earned runs the pitcher has allowed by his innings pitched, then multiplying that result by 9.

What records are kept on baseball pitchers?

Earned run average(ERA), wins and losses, walks and strikeouts.

The number of runs a pitcher gives up per 9 innings?

Earned run average, or ERA

What is CC Sabathia's career ERA?

Through 2012, CC Sabathia has a 3.50career earned run average.

What is a good high school pitchers earned run average?

Anything under 3 or 4 is terrific

What is an Earned run?

A run scored without the aid of an error, used in computing earned run averages.

When is it not an earned run in baseball?

An earned run is a run that the pitcher is held responsible for so if the pitcher gives up a home run that 1 earned run you probably already knew that. Instead if the pitcher pitches and then the ball is hit into the outfield and a outfielder drops it and a run comes in that would not be an earned run.

What is an era in baseball?

ERA is known as earned run average, a stat used for pitchers. The lower the number, the better he is.