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There is no such thing as an isosceles rectangle.

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Can you us theterm isosceles to describe a rectangle?

No because an isosceles shape is different to that of a rectangle shape

What is another name for isoscelis triangle?

Another name is its correct name: an isosceles triangle.

Is a rectangle an Isosceles?

no, because a rectangle has 2 sets of parallel lines

Which shape has a line of symmetry a isosceles triangle a rectangle or a trapezoid?

An isosceles triangle has exactly one line of symmetry, a rectangle has two. A trapezoid can have none or one.

Another name for a rectangle?

it depends general: quadrilateral, polygon only some: trapezoid, parallelogram, rhombus, square, isosceles trapezoid, etc. (i'm pretty sure there's more)

How many names can you name a quadrilateral shape as the square?

To name a few... Parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, kite, trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid.

What is a quadrilateral with congruent diagonals?

An Isosceles Trapezoid, Rectangle, or a Square.

Whose diagonals are congruent?

square, rectangle and an isosceles trapezoid

What is another name for an irregular rectangle?

A rectangle is irregular. The only regular rectangle is a square, so any rectangle that is NOT a square is irregular.

Another Name For Rectangle?

paralelagram or quadrilateral

What is another name for the isosceles triangle?

A triangle with two equal sides.

Has at least one line on symmetry?

Some of them are: square, rectangle, isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, isosceles trapezoid and a kite.

What is another name for rectangle?

Actually, there are several names for a rectangle that are correct. A rectangle is a polygon, a quadrilateral, and even, sometimes, a square.

What are the 4 symmetrical quadrilaterals?

square, rectangle, kite and an isosceles trapezoid

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