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the concave is how much the board curves inward toward the middle starting at each side. so if you can imagine looking straight down the skateboard holding it level to your eyes with the nose in front of you, you would see the shallow dip the board has compared to being just flat.

it helps with flick, it's really more of a preference whether you like it shallow or deep or anything. Corey sheppard i once read runs his over with his car so they flatten out.

i guess if you did a lot of flip tricks though youd want it more curved to catch your flick more.

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What skateboard deck brands have the best concave?

long boards do mate

How do you know if your skateboard is fake?

Plastic trucks usually or their is no concave on the deck

Does a skateboard from target work the same as a regular skateboard?

Unfortionatly, no. Skateboards that are bought from target, walmart, kmart, and other stores of that nature, lack the concave, the bearings, good griptape, and thin wood that a professional skateboard have. these are very essential.

What is the best skateboard to buy?

The best type of skate board is almost because they're strong, light and have good concave!!!

Are the different types of skateboard boards?

Professional skateboarders know that for optimum performance, aside from their skill level, the type of skateboard they use makes all the difference. For amateurs, all skateboards may appear to be created equal, but there are a few different skateboards to choose from. These skateboards basically differ in their various lengths and concave depths.There are two main types of skateboard: long and short. The different shapes of both long and short skateboards is very important as well. For expert tricks, the skateboard must be concave, which refers to the curve of the board in relation to the raised nose and tail of the skateboard. A concave board is especially important for performing difficult tricks, such as an Ollie. An Ollie is a jump that begins by tapping the tail of the skateboard and sliding the foot to the front of the board in the air.

How much concave is right on a skateboard?

whatever feels good, just stand on a board ayou like and feel it, youll know.

Four friends want to figure out which design of skateboard will make the fastest rides Which feature will be the LEAST important to test?

the boards concave if you are looking for the sole purpose of going fast such as bombing hills concave is not very needed

What Is the Nose Of a SkateBoard?

The nose of the skateboard is always a bit longer than the tail and has a bit more concave. Always. Nobody knows why they are that way or if there is even a reason for it it has just always been like that. Although Jereme Rogers released a pro model with Plan B recently that has "switch concave". This means that both the nose and tail are exactly symmetrical.

Which skateboard company has the most concave?

There is a local brand called METAPHOR in San Jose, California. the concave on it is amazing. it makes me never want to ride a pro deck again because they're all too flat for me now.

What kind of skateboard deck?

Go to the store and see how it is. See if the size fits you, if the concave is good enough for you, etc.It's your board. So be happy with whatever you get.

How do know if your skateboard is good?

depending on the brand what i do is before i buy anything for my skateboard i look at reviews and if people say its really good you have to get it than go to your local skate shop find the same board or company look at everything the shape size concave etc.

What is the opposite of Convex?

concave concave

Which skateboard brand is better flip or black label?

Flip is more popular and has higher quality boards. Flip has less concave though. Some people like that. It's an opinion.

Is a jeweller's mirror concave or convex?


Why is a skateboard curved?

Dear young blood, the curve(concave) in a skateboard is for doing tricks like ollies, kickflips, heelflips and etc. now the cancave in a board creates a kind of boost to pop you and the board in the air when you are doing an ollie or any other trick. but to do this it takes practice and detemination. i hope this helps

Is concave a parallelogram?

Concave is a property of [irregular] polygons. A parallelogram cannot be concave.

Is concave mirror in shape of parabola?

no concave mirror is in shape of concave mirror

Is an arrow concave or convex?

Concave, because you can connect the corners from the outside.

Is concave curved in or out?

concave=in convex=out

Is a cross concave or convex?


Are Plan B skateboards better than Zero skateboards?

yes I have a Plan B skateboard and it is very good! f!@# off they are like zero have way better concave than plan B

What brand of skateboard has Really high kicks and medium concave?

Girl boards are very good for landing tricks and for high ollies also chocolate boards.... baker boards arent that great too

What type of mirror is used by dentist- plano concave or concave?

plano concave

What does 'concave up' mean in physics terms?

There are some meaning on the term " concave up". However, in most cases, a concave is a hallow curve. A half circle with an opening is also a concave. Concave up means to concave somethings.

What is a good skateboard brand?

Element is one of the most reliable and successful skateboard brands to look for Almost is a very good brand that i would recommend. they have good pop and a nice concave. The best would be almost with the fiber discs in them but personally i don't go for the deck technology i go for baker it is a very good brand and reliable.