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What is each position called and what is its part in the game?

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Here we go...

Running Back (RB). These are offensive players who run with the ball toward the goal line.

Quaterback (QB). He calles the plays, hands the ball off to RB's and passes the ball to wide receivers.

Wide Receivers (WR). The WR's run down field at the beginning of a pass play, catch the ball the QB throws to them and then continue to run toward the goal.

Offensive Line (OL). The OL is made up of five (5) players who block defensive players from tackling the ball carrier. The particular OL positions are center (C), who hikes the ball to the QB to begin a play, the guards (G) who line up on either side of the center and the tackles (OT) who line up on either side of the guards's.

Tight End (TE). These players sometimes block like a lineman and sometims run downfield for a pass like a receiver.

Defensive Tackle, DT. There are two defensive tackles who both line up in the middle of the line opposite the offensive center. Their primary purpose is to stop the middle run play early and to pressure the passer on pass plays. These are usually the biggest, strongest, fattest players on the team...along with the G's and OT's.

Defensive End (DE). There are two DE's who line up on either side position on the defensive line. Their job is to contain the runing play from getting around their side of the field or to contain a running back who may want to change his path from the middle of the filed (if it's blocked by the DT's, toward the outside. He is also the primary pass rusher and, therefore, probably the first line of defense on a pass play.

Middle Linebacker (MLB). The MLB usually calls the defensive plays. On a running play he looks for where the running back may be trying to slip through a hole in the defensive line and then he, (LOUD BANG), fills that hole and tackles the running back. On a pass play the MLB will also provide passing defense.

Cornerbacks (CB's). Though not the largest, these are usually the fastest and quickest players on the team. They cover the receivers during pass plays and provide some run support defense when the running back is trying to get around the outside of the defensive line. Because they are not the biggest players on the team, many are not fond of having to tackle the RB's who are usually larger than them.

Strong Safety (SS). The SS provides run support in the center of the field to help the MLB. He can also provide some pass defense.

Free Safety (FS). The FS is the last line of defense in case the offensive player gets past the rest ofthe defense on either a pass or run play. He sometimes looks like the equivalent a baseball center fielder.

Ah, forgot the Outside linebackers (OLB).

These line up behind and just outside the DE's and provide outside run and short passing defense.

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