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What is figure skating?

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Figure skating is a winter sport that takes place on a sheet of

ice. Figure skaters wear skates made usually of a leather boot with

a metal blade attached on each foot. There are three main figure

skating events: Singles, Pairs, and Ice Dance. For Singles, there

is a separate male and female event.

In Singles, skaters perform two programs, a short program and a

long program. In each, the skater must complete elements such as

jumps and spins, and is judged on how well they are performed and

the artistic quality of the performance.

In Pairs, a male and female skater perform together, and must

complete elements similar to singles. Some differences include that

there are 'throw' jumps that must be completed in addition to

side-by-side jumps, and lifts. Pairs is generally considered the

most difficult figure skating event. Pairs are required to compete

in a short and long program as well. They are judged on how well

the jumps and spins are performed, the artistic quality, and the

unison of the skaters in jumps, spins, and footwork sequences.

Ice dance is very similar to ballroom dancing, except on ice.

There are no jumps or throws performed, and the lifts cannot be

overhead. There are three programs needed to be shown- the

Compulsories, the Original Dance, and the Free Dance. Skaters are

judged on mostly artistic quality, as well as unison.

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