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Network topology is the way a computer network is set up and arranged, Examples for possible topologies include ring, star, bus, and line. Each of these topologies have their advantages and disadvantages, with star being the most common in today's world.

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Q: What is network topology?
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Why does network topology matter to design a network?

yes, network topology does matter to design a network. as we know that topology is a structure of network. without a topology network cannot be designed. we have to consider which topology to use and what does each topology does. different topology have its different features. if you want most secure connection use full mesh topology

What are the types of topologies networking?

There are for basic network topologies: Star (arcnet) topology Bus(ethernet) topology Ring network topology Mesh network topology

Which topology is the most commonly used server network topology?

Star topology is the most commonly used network topology.

What kind of computer network or network topology does the banks used?

Bus Network Topology.

What does Network topology mean?

network topology is a set of rule .which type of network are working .

The physical layout of nodes on a network is known as?

Network Topology

What is network tapalogy?

Network topology can be defined as the way in which different computers are interconnected with the help of some specific media.ORThe physical layout of the computer is known as network topology.there are four types of network topology.1. Star topology2. Bus topology3. Ring topology4. Mesh topology

What is the conclusion of network topology?

The conclusion of network topology is to ensure that the system is working as required. Topology refers to the physical wiring process in a network.

What network topology uses a backbone?

Bus topology as many nodes are connected to single link

What is network topology about?

Network topology is the arrangement of the various components that make up the structure of a computer network. Network topology may be depicted in a physical or logical manner.

What topology is suitable for a p2p network?

The topology that is suitable for a P2P(peer-peer)network is the hub-and-spoke topology.

What is the function of network topology?

The function of topology is to answer the question "how is this network physically wired".

What do you mean by topology?

what do you understand by topology of network

Which topology is bidirectional?

Ring Network Topology

Which topology is best in network?

The star topology

What is the fastest Network Topology?

bus topology

What is the network topology that has a server in the middle?

Star topology.

What are the types of topology?

whatarethetypeoftopology Network topology is a layout which shows that how a connectivity communicates and the flow takes place in a network. types of topology are 1. BUS topology,2. Star topology,3. ring topology.

What is the arrangement of computer on the network?

The arrangement of computers on a network is called topology. It describes how the individual computers are connected to each other and to the network.examples of topology are Star topology, ring topology, mesh topology, bus topology.

What are the types of hybrid network?

Ring Topology, Mesh Topology, Bus Topology, Star Topology

What network topology provides guaranteed access for each computer on the network?

Star Topology

What is topology?

Topology is the actual appearance or layout of network.

Which network topology uses HUB?

star topology

Which network topology does Ethernet use?

star topology

What network topology does Ethernet use?

bus topology