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buoyant force can be expressed as:

F(b) = W(air) - W(liquid) = d * g * v

where d is the density of the liquid, g is the acceleration of gravity and v is the volume of the immersed object (or the immersed part of the body if it floats). In this experiment the pan balances will compare masses in grams rather than weights. Since W=mg, the apparent change in mass when submerged is

m - m(apparent) = d(liquid) * v


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Positive Buoyancy. When submarine submerges, it initially uses negative buoyancy to submerge, and then levels out to neutral buoyancy.

Yes, all fluids have buoyancy.

Buoyancy is a physical property.

High buoyancy=easy to float

The higher the density, the lower the buoyancy and the lower the density, the higher the buoyancy

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No. But density affects buoyancy.

Archimedes discovered the law of buoyancy.

The phenomena of buoyancy was first discovered by Archimedes.

Buoyancy is a physical property.

buoyancy can be demonstrated if you float something because buoyancy is when something floats for example a boat floating in water

Buoyancy is what keeps a boat floating on the top of the water. Buoyancy is what makes a helium balloon float in the air.

When it has negative buoyancy, it descends (comes down) With positive buoyancy, it ascends (goes up)

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No. Buoyancy refers to the ability to float in water.

I think buoyancy is discussed in Archimedes principle. Try googling that!

That is the correct spelling of the word "buoyancy" (lightness, ability to float).

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