What is the Cleveland Browns mascot?

"The Browns are represented by a brown dog wearing a Cleveland browns helmet. The true browns' fans can buy tickets to sit in what they call the "Dog Pound", which is right next to the browns' endzone"
Actually, the Brown currently have four mascots. CB a bull mastiff; Chomps a Lab; TD a German Shephard, and Trapper a Weimaraner. They used to have an elf, Brownie, but have since replaced him with these dogs.
We still have the Dawg Pound, and now have Browns Backers which is the browns official fanclub.
The "Dawg" thing started with Hanford Dixon barking with teamates on the field and fans in the east endzone seating could hear that and joined in, hence the "dog pound" prior to the Dawg craze the browns mascot was Brownie the Elf and is still found on a lot of Browns merchandise