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According to, through the games of September 4, 2007 the Mets all time record is 3486-3802 and playoff record is 43-31.

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What was the mets record in 2009?

Seriously the Mets blew the 2009 season and they end up with the record 70-92 they didn't even make the playoffs

What is the New York Mets win loss record in 2006?

The Mets regular season record in 2006 was 97-65.

Why did the Mets make the playoffs in 2004 instead of the Phillies who had the better record?

The Mets did not make the playoffs in the 2004 season. The Atlanta Braves made the playoffs from the National League East Division and the Houston Astros made the playoffs as the wild card.

How many games did the Mets lose in 1962?

The Mets regular season record in 1962 was 40-120.

What is the record of the 1986 mets?

The 1986 Mets went 108-54 in the regular season, and 8-5 in the postseason.

How many regular season games did the New York Mets win in 2007?

The New York Mets in 2007 had a record of 88-74.

How many times have the Atlanta Braves played the New York Mets?

The Mets have a 298-337-1 record versus the Braves in the regular season and a 5-4 record in the postseason

What is the dodgers all time win-loss record versus the mets?

The Mets have a 255-310-1 record versus the Dodgers in the regular season. They have a 3-4 record in the postseason. The Mets best season versus the Dodgers was 10-1 in 1988 and their worst was 2-16 in 1963 and 1962

What is the Mets club record for steals in a season?

As of the 2008 season, the Mets single season stolen base record is held by Jose Reyes who stole 78 bases in 2007.

How many regular season games did the New York Mets win in 2009?

In 2009, the New York Mets were 70-92 during the regular season.

What is the NY Mets franchise record for wins in a season?


What is the Mets club record for wins?

108 in the 1986 season

What is the Mets club record for RBIs in a season?

Mike Piazza, and David Wright hold the Mets record for most RBIs in a single season with 124. Piazza did it in 1999, and Wright did it in 2008.

How many wins did the Mets have in the 1969 season?

100 in the regular season - 7 more in the post season

How many games did the Mets win in the 2007 season?

The Mets finished their 2007 season with an 88-74 record placing them one game behind the Phillies. The Mets had had a 7 game led over the Phillies on September 12 but lost the playoff berth after losing the last game of the season. It is regarded as one of the worst regular season collapses in baseball history.

What is the overall record of the New York Mets?

3811-4149 The Mets best season was in 1986 when they had a record of 108-54 and a win percentage of .667. Their worst season was in 1962 with a record of 40-120 and a win percentage of .250.

Are the metS in the playoffS for 2010?


Are the mets going to the 2012 playoffs?

Yes! The Mets rock

Number of games the mets played in 1969?

The New York Mets played 162 regular season games in 1969, and had a win-loss record of 100-62.

What is the Mets club record for wins in a season?

The Mets' most wins in the regular season is 108 (with 54 losses), in 1986. Including the postseason the Mets won 116 that year, which at the time stood as the highest total since the 1906 Cubs. This accomplishment is somewhat misleading (and therefore widely ignored). Before 1969 there was no League Championship Series, and in 1975 (when the Reds won 108 regular season games, the LCS, and the World Series) the LCS was a best of 5 series. The 1998 Yankees, with the benefit of 3 postseason rounds, managed a remarkable 125-50 record including the postseason. They went 114-48 in the regular season and 11-2 in the postseason.

How many wins did the New York Mets have in the 2011 season?

In 2011, the New York Mets had a 77-85 record.

What is the lifetime won and loss record of the mets starting from 1962?

From 1962 through the 2009 season the New York Mets have a win-loss record of 3,655 - 3,981

What is the 2010 New York Mets season record?

The 2010 New York Mets posted a 79-83 record and finished fourth in the National League East.

Who holds the Mets record of eighteen years of service with the Mets?

Ed Kranepool joined the Mets toward the end of their first season, 1962. He remained with the Mets until he retired in 1979.

Who holds the Mets single season RBI record?

Mike Piazzi 124 in 1999