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What is the Saint Louis Rams mascot?

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Is this a joke? it's a ram

The Rams first season in St. Louis was 1995.

There is no "University of Saint Louis", but if you mean Saint Louis University, the mascot is a Billiken.

St. Louis Rams Community Relations One Rams Way Saint Louis, MO 63045

Their original owner was a fan of the college team the Fordham Rams.

One of the original owners of the Rams franchise was credited with naming them Rams after the mascot of Fordham University.

Their original owner was a fan of the college team the Fordham Rams.

Mike Martz - 2000 was his first season as Rams' head coach.

Billikens.. check the spelling tho

The old Mascot Ramster was short lived and looked kinda rat like by most opinions. He seems to have only existed in merchandise. The new mascot Rampage is a full costume Ram in a Rams uniform.

The St. Louis Rams have only won one Super Bowl - Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Saint Louis Rams

Millennium blue, new century gold, and white.

Because the Rams beat the Seahawks in St. Louis already and have an overall better record.

ummm. yeah... here are some examples. Bowling Green State University Falcons---> Atlanta Falcons. Oklahoma State Cowboys--->Dallas Cowboys. Colorado State Rams---> St. Louis Rams. I could go on, but absolutely you can have the same mascot for NCAA and NFl.

January 10, 2004 against the Carolina Panthers ... the Rams lost in overtime, 29-23.

The Los Angeles Rams have played in St Louis for the last 17 seasons. Due to stadium issues the new site of the Rams stadium will likely be in Los Angeles, California, USA, North America, Earth, as it was for 49 years prior to the St Louis stint.

St. Louis Rams was created in 1936.

The 2009 NFL season will be the Rams 15th in St. Louis. The Rams first season in St. Louis was 1995.

The mascot for the University of Rhode Island is a ram. They are called the "Rhody Rams"

there were no st. Louis rams in 1946.

St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders was created in 1974.

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